Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey y'all

This last week was great! So much crazy stuff happened that I'm too tired to tell you about it all. Seriously this is going to be a short one cause my brain hurts and I just emailed the mission pres a huge email. Sooo... One funny story was Wednesday morning in the rain. Elder Chong-Mook and I were porting and there was no one in sight except for a strange creole man next to a small swing set across the street. He waved us over so we went and we started talking to him. He asked Chong-Mook what we were doing and about half way through the explanation the guy says, "Are you right handed or left handed?" Chong-Mook says, "What?" Creole says, "Right handed or left handed?!" Chong-Mook says, "Right handed." hahaha so the guy grabs Chong-Mook's hand and the creole guy puts it on his head (creole guy has the hand on his own head). Then he says,"Give me a little prayer," and Chong-Mook is like, "That's not really how it works." haha Then the creole guy flips and says, "GIVE ME A LITTLE PRAYER!" So Chong-Mook gave the gay some advice and said amen and then the guy had me give him a little prayer and in my prayer I said, "Get a job and quit drinking dodo." He was touched. We had a miracle day on Thursday in this giant apartment building. It all started with a door that had a sign that said, "If you're a TJ (JW) or any type of religious missionary do not disturb." The lady that answered was named Marie-Claude and she was super nice, we got her phone number and fixed a rendezvous and it was a super solid contact. We ended up finding like 20 more people in the same building and every single one of them were women. Except Fari├žien, he was a bit of a flamer and he tried telling me that he was once the world champion of some genre of dancing. My foot. It was a great day. We also stumbled across some apartments full of college students who are all nice and fixed rendezvous with us. The only downer is that we are always in the dumb office emailing people and planning stuff and making arrangements for visas and flights and buying cars and it's just the worst. I don't think I have even experienced the worst of it. The weather in St. Denis is so much cooler than St. Paul. The hottest we get is 32 and in the south it's like 38 all the time. We were down there today to play sports and I was struggling. Tonight we have a F.H.E. with a Malagasy family and we are making coconut rice, I'll have some cool pictures for next week. Sorry for this lame one. I love you all, take it easy.


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