Monday, February 6, 2012


Great week. Time is back up to warp speed and it feels like yesterday I was sitting here typing. We had some success with a couple of Ami's and fixed one bap date. Hes an old guy named Nicole and he lives alone in an apartment. We had planned to teach the plan of salvation but when we sat down the spirit took over and I started talking about the third lesson (gospel of J.C.) and it was crazy powerful. Normally people can't grasp anything that we teach and it's just a struggle but this time Nicole was keeping right up with it and actually answering questions. It was one of the most powerful and perfect lessons that I've been a part of and at the end we committed him to be baptized and he accepted. Earlier in the week I had been studying in P.M.G. about teaching for understanding and it was just crazy how I was able to apply exactly what I had been studying and see the miracle that came from it. If only it was like that all the time haha. Man I can't even describe the feeling I had that day. Another thing that was amazing was how quickly I started to think to myself, "Hey... You're getting pretty good at this teaching gig" NOOOO!!! Haha luckily I caught myself and repented quickly. It's so easy to give yourself the credit and forget that you had been guided and prepared all week and in the lesson by the spirit. I'm so humble :) We taught some other pretty sweet lessons and the area is picking up. Nicole ended up coming to church as well and also three of the less actives that we had taught came back. Oh.. the joy that filled my soul.. haha. We had a few soirees with members this last week and I have been eating sooooooo much. I'm dying. I've noticed however, that I can't put food down like I used to. Before I left I was eating half or three quarters of the pan of every meal Mom cooked and now one rather small plate puts me past my limit. I don't drink very much either, the portions are so tiny! I can't believe how much I have changed. This morning we went down to St. Pierre with the St.Paul elders and the soeurs from St. Pierre to see some of the sights down there in the south. An old couple from the St. Pierre branch showed us around and we took a ton of pics. We played around on the lava flows and went to a few different beaches and waterfalls as well. I'll attach some pics for ya. They took us out to lunch afterwards to a really expensive buffet. It was heaven. The members are too nice and I feel bad but they are always trying to feed us and take us out. It wasn't like that in St.Marie but now in St. Denis and in St. Paul I might not look like I'm a 12 year old wearing my dad's suit. This week coming up is looking like it will be full of fun administrative stuff as we have a new sister arriving, a giant zone conference with a G.A. to organize, new cars to buy, and a visa to prepare for Mauritius. I miss being able to work in my area and that's it :( Now it's big stuff that involves everyone and the pressure to perform and organize awesome conferences and activities is kind of stressful. I can't wait to get home and have a family and career and school to worry about. I'm going to go crazy. Oh I forgot to mention that today We ran into some Americans and it was the weirdest thing that happened this week. They were from New Mexico and one of them was a member. I am so used to the culture here that seeing Americans gave me a taste of culture shock. Coming home is going to be quite an adjustment. Well, picture time! Love ya


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