Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey everyone,

Great week. Just wonderful. The first half of the week was bland but the end was just full of fun surprises. So Tuesday after our lesson we got invited to lunch at Geoffrey's Mom's house, we usually meet at his Dad's house, but we talked a bit about french cuisine and he was just going off about how great it was and so he wanted to cook for us. So Sunday we went there and his mom lives in a sweet house with a pool and tons of other shweet stuff and it was pretty fancy. We had delicious fine cheese and other little appetizer things and what not. Then they brought out the escargot. They snails were bigger than I expected but it was pretty good. They just load garlic and butter on em which seems kind of dumb to me because honestly I think I could load garlic and butter all over piece of turd and get the same result haha. Sorry that was a little harsh. For the main course we had stuffed wheat crepes with cream chicken mushrooms onions lardons and cheese and that was stinkin deeelish. For dessert we had regular crepes but they were actually pretty good. They weren't the like the garbage elder Millar makes chez nous. The only bad part about our little lunch rendezvous was what Geoffrey's Mom was wearing. Ohh lala we'll leave it at that. Scandalous... His step Dad was super chill. He had been up all night watching the 49ers beat the saints and the patriots texans game. He was pumped to talk to me about football. He took me into his weightroom and showed mea football that he had signed by Lawrence Taylor haha it was nuts! The step dad had a giant Jedediah beard too. What a character. On Wednesday Mother Nature punched me in the face. We were out far away from the apartment with blue skies when a monsoon hit. We were in the middle of a followup with a guy in front of his house and the rain started falling and he looked at us and pulled a face like, "Yeah... Sorry... You're not coming in my house. Good luck with the rain." It was crazy how hard the storm hit. Within seconds we were floating down the road. My French scriptures got wrecked and I was drenched from head to toe before I could get into my rain gear. Bummer. It rained all day like that and it was just crazy how hard it rains here. They say it gets a lot worse. Supposedly there is a hurricane out in the ocean that might get us too... I sure hope so :) I don't think it will happen though :( We had our Journée Porte Ouverte on Saturday and it was an utter failure. I knew from the beginning hat it was a terrible idea, but hey what can ya do? We worked super hard to make it as good as possible and it just didn't happen. On Sunday at church we had ourselves a bit of a rodeo. I spoke in sacrament meeting and my talk was actually really good. I know, I'm great... but really though the spirit was blowing the roof off the joint and people actually listened. I spoke about the blessings I had received from the priesthood and the majority of the talk was about examples of priesthood leaders and my Bros and Dad and their examples of magnifying there callings and fulfilling their priesthood duties. We have trouble in the branch because men won't accept calls so the talk was good to somewhat address that issue. Our ami Carlo was at there and he was loving it too so i was happy about how it went. So after sacrament meeting president Poncharville came up to me and said, "Soeur Lebihan (sunday school teacher) is sick and can't teach, what are we going to do?!" Duh ha, "Well," I said, "It looks like we'll be teaching eh?" So Elder Temarohirani and I grabbed the manual and the lesson was about Lehi's dream. So we took vare of that while elder Twitchell and Elder millar taught our ami class. Then for priesthood The young mens president had left with his sick wife (Frère and Soeur Lebihan) so President Poncharville came up to me angain and said, "The Lebihan's aren't here, who's going to teach the young men!?" I said, "Well... Looks like we are going to handle that eh?" So we taught and it was actually a sweet lesson and the young men loved it. The spirit was strong all day and it was great. So for the last bit of excitement. Sunday night at 9 P.M. the phone rang and it was Elder Chong-Mook (A.P.) and he was calling to inform us that there were transfers. Oh Fun :) So Elder Millar got sent to Mada, Elder Twitchell is trained and will be companions with elder Temarohirani in St. Paul and I will Be in St. Denis as an A.P. with Elder Chong-Mook until he dies and then I will take over. Yikes... I'm going to get fat sitting in front of a computer and driving around in a car all day. I'm excited though. Yep that transfer call kind of snuck up on us all. I had no idea that there would be changes let alone that they would be that crazy. Well see ya. Love y'all!    

Elder Barclay

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