Monday, January 23, 2012


I wanna die. I've been in an office and in a car all week and it's the WORST! It makes me tired in a different way and i feel like I'm turning into a blob. My mast few days in St.Paul were cool. We taught all our ami's one last time and I got some pictures with the Maillot family. Total bummer that I had to leave that awesome area that Elder Twitchell and I built up from ground zero but it's all good. I figure I'm only good for finding people and then we leave the finish work for the other missionaries who are better teachers. There wasn't too much excitement during the end of the week, just computer garbage, numbers emails, visas, new missionaries, it goes on and on and on... The sparkling clean apartment I had left behind when I got transferred to St. Paul had managed to have been destroyed once again due to lack of upkeep by the missionaries who stayed when Elder Leblanc and I left. My blood was starting to boil this morning while I was cleaning and discovering how unmaintained the place was. So we'll just have to attack that project one battle at a time. My comp Elder Chong-Mook is a goofy son of a gun haha. He giggles about the dumbest things all day and absolutely bust up when I have to type or do computer work because I'm such a noob when it comes to technology. Oh well, I'm learning quickly. Church was pretty sweet in the St. Denis branch. There were more than 12 members which was unusual and I didn't have to speak or anything which made it super weird. I just sat next to ami's and enjoyed sacrament meeting. I taught the Gospel Principles class and there were about 10 people not including Elder Chong-Mook and I. The lesson went way well, and priesthood afterwards was enjoyable as well because once again I was able to relax and be nourished by the good word of God. We planned a zone activity for this coming Monday and we are going up to "Le Ma√Źdo" which is this sick place up in the center of the island where you look out over one of the cirques and it's absolutely mind blowing how beautiful the view is. It's kind of fun to be able to plan what we do but at the same time it's a lot nicer to just tag a long for the ride. Do any of you remember the Gonthier family that I always talked about when i was in St. Marie? Well they are in-active :( I calle them up and we're going to their house for dinner this Wednesday and we're going to find out what dumb comment from another member made them throw away their eternal salvation and stop coming to church. That was a bit rash, but I mean seriously folks pull your heads out. Is the phrase "pull your heads out" to graphic for the old Riverview Rambler? If so sorry. Hmmm... what else... Oh yeah, we have dinner appointments set up for every single night this week because Elder Chong-Mook is a celebrity and everyone wants to feed him and whoever his companion is so I think I might be able to fill out my pants again by the end of our companionship. Nothing too crazy is going on. I'm still trying to figure out what investigators we actually have and what not. From the looks of it, I don't think we have much going on so it seems like this will be another battle from ground zero. Bummer... OH YEAH! I almost forgot again. Two weeks ago at our open house in St. Paul Elder Temarohirani was putting up pictures of priesthood ordinances from like the 70's and I was staring at this one of a father giving his son a blessing. At first I was just admiring the tie and then I noticed the kid was a pretty sharp looking guy and then I began to look at the dad and his awesome suit and BAM! It hit me, I was looking at a picture of Bruce Wainright giving Steve a blessing haha It blew my mind. I told everyone around me and they were like,"...awesome..." haha no one cared quite as much as I did. I thought it was pretty cool. Now the picture is hanging in my room at the apartment. Yeah, pretty lame week seeing as how that was the highlight. Well I think that's all the cool stuff. Everything else that was noteworthy made it in the journal. Have a great one everybody love y'all.


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