Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hi there

This last week was pretty chouette. We started keeping track of our hours of proselyting time and calculating the percentage of our time we spend proselyting (teaching, finding, and traveling) and we are working harder and harder. As a result we've had some awesome success. We fixed a baptismal date with Celine for the 4th of February and we set up like 5 rendezvous for next week with solid investigator families. Yeah, it's nuts. As for funny stories, there aren't really any. We just worked our guts out and it feels good ha. On Friday after we taught our friend Geoffrey at the church we caught a little taxi bus to go up in the mountains to see a former investigator that called us. We had to get up there quick but the buses don't run at night so we packed a change of clothes so that we would have time to stay up there and work and then run home at night to be home on time. So the run home was awesome. We ran so fast and it was farther than I thought it was from our apartment. I was drenched from head to toe in sweat and I thought I was going to die ha ha. When we got to the street of our apartment we walked and cooled down and it was about 9 P.M. and this place shuts down at about 8 30 so the only people out at night are the hood rats. So many hunnies were fishing for green cards as we walked by ha ha it was ridiculous! Saturday we had a zone conference in the south at the St. Pierre church to fix goals and stuff for the new year and it was a joke. I wanted to punch a hole in the chalk board because people are unintelligent. I'm not going to go into detail but man, people are just dumb. After the zone conference a family from st.Pierre invited all 18 missionaries to their house for dinner for new years and that was fun. We were grilling saucisse and like mad and there was tons of rice and rougaille tomate. I ate my brains out. Sunday was interesting. We had 15 people at church including the four missionaries and things got a little heated during priesthood and it was bad. There are some major problems here with church leadership and disciplinary action and people are just going crazy and President Poncharville tells us everything and wants us to tell him what to do. Half of the branch presidents here are guys that have been members for less than 4 years and no one knows how the church works and there are big problems. Yikes ha I don't want to be a bishop. I think I'll go be catholic after my mission. It's to the point where I don't want to bring our investigators to church because members are out of line. There isn't much we can do though so tant pis. Last night we went to dinner at The Gahete's house again and we had ourselves a jolly old time. Yeah I'm sorry, I don't have much more exciting news... Madame Maillot is still our homie and she protects us from the bad guys which is nice. Les Frères Mormon get some respect now because we've got an in with the boss of the streets. Yep well Picture time! See ya Love you all Happy New Year!


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