Monday, January 9, 2012

Hi everyone

What a week. Monday was nothing special, we just cleaned and relaxed at the apartment. For the night we went to one of our suivi's house to see if he would let us teach him and he let us in. We sat down and talked and he is from Belgium and his accent is hilarious. We had a pretty sweet lesson with him and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray. He Is a scuba diver and he takes people out and gives tours and stuff for his work. He drives a big van that says "Wulfy Diving" on the side and he is a total surfer bum type. Throughout the lesson fireworks were going off and mangos kept falling out of the trees and when one of the mangos hit his car he stopped and said in english, "Mind the mangos," with his belgian/dutch accent haha it was awesome. After our first contact with him I wrote a little note to describe him in my planner next to his address and I wrote scuba steve. I asked him what his name was at the end and it turns out he really is named steve. So Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with the Maillot's. The daughter Mailly sat in on the lesson and she asked for a blessing at the end. We talked to them about changing and straightening up and they were all for it so we invited them to church and they both ended up coming. Hallelujah!!! They are so awesome and they want to change but they just struggle. Total bummer but we keep working with them. Wednesday we had a lunch rendezvous at a members house and it was a party. It was at Soeur Ferrier's house and all her in-active kids came. We ate some delicious pork chops and potatoes and it was just the best ha. We taught a lesson to them all and it was sweet. Souer Ferrier is crazy active but her kids are struggling so it was good to visit with them, they have all started to come to church more and more since we've been in St.paul. Thursday we had another lunch appointment at Daniel's house and we had cous cous and chicken and stuff and it was way good. We taught him after lunch and he just seemed super depressed so at the end I just asked him if he ws happy and he said no and opened up. It was really cool and I testified of the happiness that the gospel brings to us and how awesome it is. Friday we fond a guy that had been taught by two sister missionaries in 1994 and he had a way old Book of Mormon and tons of old school pamphlets and stuff. He let us in and we talked and he used to go to church all the time back in the day but the sisters left and he never heard from anyone again. His name is carlo and he is 54 and he lives alone in his little house. He builds these giant model spaceship things out of a paste that he makes from mashed flowers, water, and paper. Its nuts haha we took some pictures you'll see. Saturday we met some funny people, the first was this plastered kreole who invited us in for some coca :) So we went in and had a little drink and chat while whe swayed back and forth and giggled and tried to organize her thoughts into sentences. It was amusing but a waste of time so I slapped a word of wisdom pamphlet in her hand and we bounced. right after that this onry old lady was in her front yard and when we walked up to her gate she said, "Who are you looking for!?" I said,"You madame." She liked that and she invited us back another day.  Sunday was fast sunday and I wanted to die. We went porting and found a family that was from portugal. Holy moly it was hard to understand them with their accents. I told them I had a Friend who's family was from A├žores and the Dad lit up like a christmas tree. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and they were amazed by the story of lehi and his family and they were amped to read. They tried giving us money to buy drinks and stuff and then wouldn't let us leave because they wanted to keep talking but we got out of there finally and we're going back this week. For dinner I created a monster. This meal that I made will kill a man if it is consumed more than twice a week. We haven't given it a name yet but i'll explain what it is. Potatoes, cream, lardons, cheese, ground beef, salami, piled together into a casserole that is greasier than miguel from Jiffy Lube. We all dished up good sized plates and started in and it was the most delicious thing we had ever eaten. About 3/4's of the way in all of us doubled over and started to groan because it was the heaviest thing we had ever eaten. Elder Temarohirani looked at me and said in english, "Whats wrong with you?" haha I've been moving a little slower today due to the cloggage in my arteries. Well thats about how my week was. Celine is still on track for baptism. She has stopped smoking and she came to church with the Maillot's. Yep thats it so I love y'all see ya

Love Jeff  

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