Monday, October 31, 2011

What a crazy week eh! It was a rough one ha ha. Ok so Elder Fennell and I were together until Thursday morning. We had a solid half of a week. We taught Toto again and he wouldn't commit to be baptised but he prayed for us and he wants to read the B of M. He's such a chill guy. His family won't really be a part of our lessons though, that's sad but oh well. He can't read so his wife reads the B of M to him, so whether she's interested or not she is progressing ha ha. On Wednesday we went out to St. Suzanne to work that area and do suivi's and stuff. One of the suivi's was a young girl named Jennyfer. She's 15 and her mom and little bro weren't home so she said come back the first time we talked to her, so we did just that. The mom came out when we yelled and we thought oh sweet, this lady is going to tell us off and be rude. Nope, we called her by name (creepy) and she was super nice. Jennyfer came out too and she was amped to see us so they said come on in! We chatted it up for a bit and then answered their questions and taught the restoration. Holy best lesson so far of my mission. They were super interested and they asked questions and even answered our questions correctly. It was a miracle. One thing that was kind of weird is that the mom was kinda flirty... But hey if we gotta wink at a few single mamma's to get baptism's I'm down :) Just kidding that's disgusting and wrong. It's not like that at all I promise ;) Anyways that was rad and then right afterwards we went out and we were port-a-porting when Elder Fennell backed into a cactus. Clutch on his part right, so we headed home and I spent an hour pulling cactus slivers out of a giant black man's bare back. What an experience. So Thursday morning the AP's picked me up and I went to St. Paul to meet Elder Temarohirani, Elder Millar, and our new apartment. It's not too shabby. I'll tell you the cons first, We don't have; an oven or stove, lights, hot water, any mirrors, chairs, tables, A.C., food, or money. The pro's, we have; beds, fans, ice cold water, a rice cooker, great air circulation so it is breezy inside, and the bathroom has a window. A window in the bathroom is heaven. In this heat in a cement box with no ventilation = stinky and shmelting hot. Oh yeah, there are the biggest yellow wasps you've ever seen everywhere. My flip flops do work on those suckers. We had no food or money for the end of the month. So we gathered up all our change and bought some bread and other stuff and scrounged like crazy to last until allotment came. I feel like I'm camping ha ha. I have to shower on my knees and shave without a mirror in the kitchen sink. I kinda like it. So my first Sunday was AWESOME! The church is the upper floor of a little 4-plex. They took the two upper apartments and knocked out some walls and turned it into the church. There were 18 people there including us and 3 investigators that just came. It was nuts ha ha. We did the sacrament and President Poncharville (B.P.) conducted and it was sweet. Elder T gave a talk and I was on back up if people didn't show. Everyone came though so I didn't have to speak. So the three investigators were three brothers, 21, 17, and 15. there names are Toky, Joshua, and Anthony. They are super chill and we taught them during the last hour of church in the kitchen. They were so cool and the lesson was awesome. The oldest brother was baptized when he was 8 but has been inactive since and his two little bro's are nonmembers. Toky (the oldest) has had some rough times and has some tats and stuff and he is trying to figure out what life is and his little bro's are pretty clean cut sharp kids. They are all super nice and cool and I think they will keep coming. After church President Poncharville pulled me aside and told me that we would be working together, he said,"I need some counselors." So I think Elder T and I will be in the branch presidency. That should be fun. Well last night we found out the end of all the transfer news. I will be training for sure. No one is going anywhere special just a few changes. My trainee Elder Milot will be training the other new elder in St. Marie. So I'm pretty much whitewashing an area, I hope it's not too tough. Hmmmm.... what else is new... well I shaved my head, it's pretty hot here if ya didn't know. A buzzed head makes quite the difference :) I will get y'all my address when I figure out what it is, just keep sending letters to the old one. We all see each other once a week so I'll get your letters. Well, take it easy friends and fam. I'll keep holdin it down in afrreeka. St. Paul is straight up Africa too, yep it's cool and I love it. Presidents Poncharville is as African as it gets too. We had to tell him to put his spear outside yesterday at church, I dunno what he was thinkin when he brought the thing. Well Love ya! enjoy the cold weather, jerks :)

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