Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hi. This week was great. Monday I got to eat at "Le Restaurant" with President and Sister Donnelly and all the missionaries from the north district for having clean apartments. Holy delicious. It was an all you can eat buffet and it was super ritzy. I snagged myself 3 ostrich steaks and went to town on the chicken and seafood. For dessert they had a crepe line. I couldn't stop eating. Happy day ha ha! So then Tuesday and Wednesday I continued to tag along with Elders Temarohirani and Millar until about 3 o clock ish Wednesday afternoon when I got to pick up my new trainee. His name is Elder Twitchell from Centerville Utah and so far we are best buds. I think it will stay that way too because our second day he said to me, "Do you ever feel like if you aren't working your guts out, you're going to hell?" hahaha YES!!! that's what I like to hear! He's super motivated and green as can be and I am going to stretch that as far as it can go. Don't kill the greeny spirit! So we have been contacting like crazy and this next week we will be running around with our heads cut off because we have so many suivi's to do. The day he got here I took him home to take a shower and he popped his shoe off and he had the nastiest, most infected ingrown toenail I had ever seen. So we set up an appointment to go to the doctors the next day. After that was taken care of we got to work. Nothing too crazy happened :( sorry. We played soccer with a bunch of kids on Saturday night in the hood and it was a blast. The field was sand and full of rocks and stuff and we played barefoot. I have some sick pics from it. They loved us so now all the kids on the streets don't make fun of us anymore which will be nice. The branch is still tiny but awesome. We ate at Frère Lebihan's house on Tuesday for lunch. It was his birthday and we ate the most delicious eggplant thing. Holy goodness I thought I was going to die it was so good. We starve all week but then eat with members and get fed like there's no tomorrow. So hopefully this week we will turn a bunch of these follow-ups into investigators. I am kinda figuring out the kréole and I speak as much as I can and people LOVE it. It's like phonetic french with an African accent. So like "do you speak kreole" is "ou cause kréole?" or like "what are you doing?" is "Kossa ou fé la" which is not really french ha ha. So I practice hard and it's coming. Elder Twitchell gets sooo upset ha ha he just shakes his head after contacts and says, "I literally didn't catch one word of that." and then I say, "Yea me neither :)" I just say stuff and people respond but who knows what they are saying, I seem to hold conversations pretty well though and they are letting us come back to teach them ha. Miraculous right? Well I don't think I will have to be in the branch presidency. Hallelujah. On Sunday I taught the Aaronic priesthood class and it was fun. The kids are sweet. Joshua came to church but Toky and Anthony weren't there :( We can't go to their house apparently so that bites because their parents are nuts but if they keep coming to church we'll just teach them there and hopefully they get baptized. Well I hope y'all are doin shwell. I'm going to try and send some pics. Love Ya!


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