Monday, October 24, 2011

Well this email will just be as juicy as Queen Latifah. So last Monday night I was informed that elder Fennell was having problems in Mada and that he would be coming back Tuesday, and.... I would take him and work in St. Marie. Well the week actually turned out really well. We walked the entire time and that was rough because this island is a mountain, but we worked hard. We ended up finding more investigators. Finally all the blood sweat and tears are paying off right? Well I haven't been crying, but it's been tough alright. So the apartment is in tip top shape, the shower and kitchen are mold free and spotless and everything else is just sparkling clean. The branch has investigators finally coming to church and the area of St. Marie has progressing investigators. So I'm sure you all can guess what happens next. I get a call Sunday night from the AP's and am informed that I will be transferred to St. Paul to work in the two week old Branch. So I will be white washing an area and two new elders show up November 2nd and there will be three of us in the St. Paul apartment which means more than likely I'll be training one of the new elders as well. Exciting right!? I'm pumped! The branch is tiny and the church is the upper floor of this little apartment building. It should be pretty fun. We won't have a car or bikes so the walking is permanent and St. Paul is even more hilly and mountainous so that's not good news. My feet aren't doing too swell :| suck it up right? ha ha... My shoes are pretty much toast. the Johnston and Murphy's are heaven for my feet and they'll last forever but the black ones are shredded and my other brown ones hurt too bad to wear so I'm sportin' elder Crossley's shoes that he left :) that hombré had some class. Well I guess I'll tell you a little about the new Ami's De l'Eglise. One guy is named Totobey and he has four kids and is married. He has a terrible foot problem, his left foot is literally upside down. Maybe I will be able snag a pic before I leave. Anyways, he let us right in and sat down with us and we talked and all went well, we taught and they loved it. They are Malagasy and have trouble understanding french because I speak to fast. HA! Yeah! That's right, french is coming baby. So they are solid and we give them all Malagasy book of Mormons and pamphlets so that's cool. Our other Ami's are these two sisters. They are HUGE and hilarious. When we knocked on their door they opened it and scrame. That wasn't the first time that has happened. I'd say about 1 out of every 5 doors the person gasps or screams or I guess you could say "yelps" when they see us. I don't get it, we are standing there doing nothing but for some reason we just scare the pants off people. We are kinda big compared to everyone else but still... I ain't André the Giant. Well they let us in and we taught them too and they scheduled the next rendezvous before we could so that was cool. Maurie-Claude is still on track to be baptized and we found another older guy named Guy Payet. He smokes and is difficult but we're working with him. So remember how we handed over all our other investigators to the AP's? Yep they haven't taught any of them. Sweet. Yvrin was GOLDEN!!! Yikes that makes me mad. Well this morning was a blast. we drove to Le Port and played basketball and stuff and I actually tore it up, I haven't completely lost my game :) Then we went to a beach and chilled and played a little football and stuff. Overall a relaxing day but I am pretty drained and a tiggy sunburned. Ha whoops, the word tiggy means "a little" in Mauritian kréole. I'm really struggling with english. Things make more sense in french now. Finally! Well I get to pack tomorrow night and peace out to St. Paul on Wednesday. I'll probably gain 15 pounds tonight and tomorrow because members are lined up to feed me and say goodbye, I know I'm spoiled here :) well shmell ya later. And yes Mom I get your letters. September 11th and 18th and then the one from October. If someone had a birthday, Happy Birthday. Sorry I can't remember how old anyone is or who's birthday is when. I'll be 20 in a couple weeks, isn't zhat vierd? (German accent, get it? ha...) Well bye

Love Jeff        

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