Monday, October 3, 2011

This last week was pretty golden. We have people to teach now can you believe it!? So the first half of the week was the usual but finally on Thursday we hit the jackpot. We were in the hood street contacting and we were looking for our friend Saidina because he is always fun to talk to and without fail he is always by people that listen to us. I thought he was one of the three nephites for a while, but this time when we found him he was smoking a fat blunt. So we found him sitting on a curb and of course there were these 5 ladies sitting by him. So we went over and started to chat with him and like clockwork the ladies started talking to us. . they were 4 sisters and the 5th girl was one of their daughters. One of the ladies had just come from Mada to have surgery and her sisters lived here so she was staying with them. The one having surgery (Tortosa) said that she met a big black guy in Mada that was dressed like me hahaha GUESS WHO! Elder Fennell baby, so they talked to us forever and they wouldn't let us stop teaching them. We taught them about the Book of Mormon, the Plan of Salvation, and prayer. We gave them all Book of Mormons and we scheduled to go to the hospital and visit her after the surgery. So we went to the hospital on Sunday and they were all there in the room chillin with their Book of Mormons just waiting for us. So we taught them more about the Book of Mormon and answered their questions. They are pumped about it! The only problem is that one of the sisters is Muslim, and the one daughter that was there happens to belong to the Muslim lady. They were actually super interested as well because their beliefs are so close to some of ours. They love to bash though and that is the problem. If we wanted to we could destroy them but that would accomplish nothing so we avoid it at all costs. It's all going swell though! So I don't know if I have mentioned this yet but recently the girls have been worse than usual. We are walking tickets to America so every female is just drooling whenever we come around. We went to this giant night marché on Saturday and all the missionaries from the north came. We did a little exchange and I went with elder Chong-Mook (Tahitian) and we just talked to everyone. Everywhere we went though girls ages 16 to 25 were calling us over and following us around and just wouldn't leave us alone. Really it's quite flattering but also annoying. They always asked, "Where are you from and how old are you?" and we said of course, "Tahiti and America and we're 19." Every single time their jaws would drop and they would giggle and all that crap so we would give them pass-a-long cards and leave. Three different people told me they thought I was 30. That's a little ridiculous , I can understand 25 or less, but thirty? Yikes. Oh, I got my first gray hair this week as well. Cool huh. Overall the marché was awesome though because we talked to a ton of people who wanted to come to english class and others who were interested in the gospel, now if we can actually get them to be home for a rendezvous or meet us for an appointment. Transfers are coming soon again, and a lot of signs are pointing at me going to mada... Or I will train again ha ha. I don't want to train anymore. It's hard and I want a comp who speaks french, but hey I really am cool with whatever! well I have stopped losing weight. If I can stay like I am that would be good. Nothing else is new, I won't be able to watch conference until tomorrow I think so that's what we will do for our studies. I have never been so excited in my life for conference! I was an idiot before for not soaking up every bit of it! It's crazy how awesome the church is ha ha. I could read the Book of Mormon for 8 hours a day if I had nothing to do. Well I'm outta time! Have a good one :) shmell ya 

Love Jeff   

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