Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey everyone

Last week was awesome! We spent the first part of the week visiting less actives and inviting them to our branch activity and then later on we did a lot of contacting. The activity was great! one less active family came and also two other single less active people and then three nonmember people that members had invited. We ended up teaching one of the nonmembers the next day. I don't know if you remember about the time Elder Bize and I went to this crazy lady's house to cast out demons or not but guess what! Yep same lady. So we taught her and at the end fixed a baptismal date for the 19th of November. Just in time for me to get her all ready and then be transferred before she is baptized. I have a feeling that's about how my mission will go, but as long as she is getting baptized that's all I really care about. She is an absolute motor mouth by the way. I tried to cut her off 4 times at one point during the rendezvous and after the 4th try Elder Leblanc busted up laughing. She's nice and she is the first investigator that I have gotten to come to church! Praise the heavens! So a little funny side story... She lives in St. AndrĂ© which is like 30 minutes away so I don't know the area very well and it is difficult to find these addresses because the streets here go every direction and there is just no organization whatsoever. So my two awesome comps take advantage of this time to sleep in the car and let me search on my own. So I would slowly start to swerve back and forth causing their heads to sway towards their windows and finally once I had them dreaming that they were on a boat in the ocean I would jerk the wheel hard to the left and watch their faces smack into the glass. Oh how funny that was, you will never know. The best part is that they would have no idea that I was doing it on purpose and they could never figure out what was going on so they would go back to sleep and I would do it again! Finally I found the place and we taught her. Alright so what else is new... Oh yeah! We have right now 5 investigators. Yes, 5 can you believe it? Do you want to hear the best part? Our boundaries just got changed and we are losing 3 of them to the AP's who don't work hard. Ever. AHHHHH! ha ha I worked so hard! Those investigators were smart people as well, they were super solid and we get to hand them over and get back to tract fest 2011 again. If those AP's don't teach them and use every ounce of energy in them to baptize those people I will lose it. Well, what else... Summer is getting closer... It's already too hot. I don't think I can ever tell you that enough. Today we have a zone activity! It is going to be soooooo sick!!!!!!! Guess what it is? Zone family home evening. You gotta be kidding me! We live on a tropical volcanic island and were doing FHE for our zone activity when we just had an awesome/huge island conference? That means that we don't get to work our 3 hours today and instead sit in a church and waste time. At least let us go on a small hike or something. That drives me nuts. The mentality here is just not quite what I expected. Sorry I need to stop complaining and talking bad about the missionaries here. Well I don't know what else to tell you. Sorry if this email is no good. I'm not much of a writer... We'll catch up on the rest when I get home, Which is in no time. Time is flying! Well see y'all next week, take care.

Love Jeff  

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