Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey everybody! I didn't really feel like typing a huge letter so I decided to attach some pics. The computers here are retarded so doing that takes a ton of time. Well last week was good. Some funny and freaky things happened. First, one day we were driving through chaudron and we got trapped by a Tambul parade. They were all dressed up and bangin drums and playing their snake charming flutes while parading through the streets with this giant elephant idol on wheels following behind them. We recorded it but the file is too big to send :( sorry. It was nuts, I have never seen anything like it. Second, we were visiting a less active family that lives in a hut up in the hills of St. AndrĂ© and I saw the biggest spider i had ever seen crawl up on the wall behind the lady we were visiting. I let her finish her sentence and then said, "Hey... Uhhh... There's something behind ya there..." She turned around and grabbed it and ATE IT!!!! No I'm kidding, but when she turned around she couldn't see it and she pointed at a picture that was hanging right next to it and said, "This?"
I said, "Nope..." hahah then her husband got up and walked over and pointed at something else on the wall and said, "This?" and I said no again haha if only I could have remebered the word for spider! But that still doesn't excuse the fact that they were practically touching it and they couldn't figure it out! Holy HEEEBEEY JEEBEEYS usually I would just let stuff like that slide but this spider was literally the size of my open hand. They thought it was hilarious when they saw the spider and they just left it chillin. Yikes... So to make this story even better when we got home that night I saw another spider just a little bit smaller creepin around in our apartment. Apparently that means that they hatch and are everywhere when summer rolls around. YUM, I sleep on the floor too :) I can't to wake up with one on my face, which will probably cover my entire face. They're harmless though so it just gross andnot dangerous. Well as far as the work goes we have about 3 families that we teach but they aren't quite investigators. We are workin with em. It's just the same old same old. Transfers are in 3 weeks and that will hopefully be a breath of fresh air.  

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  1. haha i about died when he said that lady ate the spider, but then i about died of laughter after he said she didn't really do that! haha sounds like he's doing good