Monday, February 4, 2013


Great week woo! We went on splits with two elders who work out in Tanjombato. I worked in the other area with Elder Horne who just finished his first 12 weeks in the field. We had fun and slapped bap dates on people for February 23rd! I love splits. We did a lot of teaching in our area as well this week. We had a really good lesson with Lanto and his daughter on Friday. The second counselor and his wife taught faith and Elder Steele and I taught repentance. The ward loves them and they have a bap date for March 9th. We had a great lesson with Alicia as well. She taught the plan of salvation back to us perfectly and did a decent job explaining Lehi's dream. As the lesson was ending someone knocked on the door and I turned to see who it was. Alicia's friend who happens to be a model was who it was. Great. So we said a prayer and bounced ha but the member that was helping us said to the girl, "Where do you live? Do you want to learn with these guys? They'll teach you, we can go to your house right now!" In my head I said, "Bruno, la ferme." After that lesson we went to another member’s house to teach his fiancĂ©. She was sick and so I asked what was wrong. "Oh... just a headache..." haha Elder Steele and I looked at each other and smiled and said "Izany... (really...) well why are you sick?" a detail that I have been leaving out in past emails is that this investigators stomach has doubled in size. So we kept asking questions like, "Well... that's weird why do you have to keep going outside to spit?" finally one of them said, "Yeah she's a little sick to her stomach..." hahaha "Really? Why does her stomach hurt?" "Well because there is a baby in there." haha we had already had the Law of Chastity lesson a while ago and we have been working on that, but they just finally let us know she's pregnant. It was pretty funny :) We'll just do some repenting now and get baptized a little later. They're so solid. I love all the people we teach so much. Last night we had a lesson with Johnny and his family. Last time when we were on splits Elder Steele and Elder Hansen taught them and laid it down! They told them very plainly and clearly what we are here to do. So this lesson was a little tense. We started teaching and it turns out they couldn't even remember who Joseph Smith was. Wow. It was one of the most frustrating lessons I've been a part of. By the end I hated them. They were so rude to us. They kept laughing about stuff we taught and weren't taking it seriously at all. They are getting one more chance before we dust our feet off and drop them. It was crazy how much they changed. They were my favorite family and I was always so excited to go see them. So pray for em. This week we will be doing a lot of teaching again. I'm excited. Our area is doing well. We have three baptisms planned for February 23rd and two, maybe three for March 9th.

Oh yeah! On Thursday President had us create a facebook group for the mission and we had to get on my account to do it. Holy macrole... I didn't recognize any of the girls names I knew from high school because they're all married. A lot of my buddies look like rough scary guys. It was a slap in the face. I'm not coming home. Ever.

Love Jeff       



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