Monday, January 28, 2013


Sooo.... We did a lot of traveling this weekend. Before that we had a z.l. council on Thursday and we spent a lot of time in the office getting stuff ready for that and the trip. We stopped in Antsirabe first on Friday to do interviews for the missionaries. Then we drove to Ambositra later that day and did presidency trainings and more interviews. Elder Steele worked that area a while ago with Elder Abney so while President did the interviews we were able to run around and visit some people. Saturday morning we left at 7 a.m. for Fanarantsoa. The stretch of road between Ambositra and Finanarantsoa is probably the worst road in Madagascar. Very curvy and loaded with giant potholes. Four hours later we were there and had zone conference. Sunday we went to church (circus to the max haha) and then made the 8 hour drive home. It was cool to see the elders out in those areas and meet the members. During sacrament meeting I sat next to a little kid whose front tooth was loose. We wiggled that puppy the entire time and it just wouldn't fall out. So nothing really nuts happened this week. Lots of long conversations with Sister Adams and getting to know what President was like in college. We didn't get much dirt on him. Lanto is still coming to church every week and the members love him. He is loving it all as well. Helen is in Mahajanga getting ready to marry Bruno and then get baptized. Alicia is coming to church but we're working on her parents. We should have some awesome lessons this week. It's really hot. I'm sweaty all the time. Sorry I don't have much this week. That oughta do it haha. Smell ya later.




I can't wait to come home and live in a clean house and not clean a toilet used by four dudes.


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