Monday, February 25, 2013

Great Week. Saturday we baptized Hanitra, Lalaina, and Anita. Everything went smooth and the spirit was strong throughout the entire service. I haven't felt the love of the Lord that strongly in a while. I couldn't even hold myself together during the talks. That was definitely the highlight of the week. On Sunday we taught a man named Raymond for the first time. He works for the U.S. embassy and speaks english pretty well. We started teaching him about the Godhead and we asked him who God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost were. He gave us a long explanation of how he feels that churches have completely distorted the doctrine of the Godhead and he thinks they are 3 seperate beings. That was a first. Our lesson with him was very spiritual and exciting because he is so ready. We have been so blessed with cool people to teach who progress. The three who were baptized on Saturday couldn't even name a prophet from the bible and now they are bearing testimony about the restoration, the Atonement, and the living prophet. I love seeing the gospel change people. We released transfer news last night and the complaints are coming in hot today haha. Guys have been calling us and chattin' and shmoozin for 3 months now and they apparently didn't get what they wanted as far as transfers go. It surprises me how representatives of Jesus Christ can be so two faced and fake. I'm glad that I have never been that concerned about what area I'm working in. People must forget that they are in Madagascar, and that any missionary in freezing cold North Dakota would love to work in the worst area in Mada. Actually I take that back North Dakota elders are probably know who they are and know what they have been called to do regardless of the area. ANYWAYS, We made some good transfers and the work is going to really progress. I know that because the Holy Ghost told me so in our last transfer meeting haha. Elder Steele and I have a busy 2 weeks coming up. We now have to actually move everyone to their areas, pick up the 6 new elders, orient them, train the trainers, send 4 elders home, and then prepare Tamatave's zone conference and then drive there and do it. We won't be doing as much teaching as we would like to, but I'm very excited to see the elders in Tamatave. We picked up Elder Fryer from the Tamatave bus stop this morning and he ralphed all over himself during the ride down here. He's a champ haha I wish we could send other people home and keep hardworkers like him. Thats about all I have for you this week my friends. I love it out here. I love you all! Bonne semaine!
Elder Barclay      

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