Monday, February 11, 2013

Well thank you all for updating me with all my flight plans and release interview information. Will we have enough time to stop by Crown Burger before my interview? Thinking about home is horrible on the mish. It's kind of like sinning, I feel good while thinking about the family, music, food, ladies, and naps. However once I slap myself and look at my planner to see where our next appointment is I feel the guilt for my selfish day-dreaming haha. I'm pumped though, we have 6 baptisms coming up and they all are sure. If we can get Alicia's family to pull their heads out of the clouds and actually learn then we could tack on 4 more. Yesterday we drove President Adams and one of his old mission buddies to the airport. I got to drive President's ballin Toyota Fortuner (no I did not misspell that). While we were loading their luggage Revenaldo's mom (I baptized Revenaldo in Betongolo) came out of the church and told me about how she and all her other kids are getting baptized now! I love it. On Thursday we picked up Elder Mkabela, who is a seventy, from the airport and took him to his hotel. He is South African and speaks 7 different African languages. We picked him up again on Sunday morning to take him out to the Ambohibao ward for church. When we got to the hotel we went in to pay for the room and Fabrice Gonthier from Reunion was there! I gave him a big hug and mumbled out some French and caught up with him. It's crazy how much you love people out here. So we all went to church and Elder Steele and I had to translate for the both of them. Elder Mkabela spoke in sacrament meeting and taught the elders quorum lesson. Elders quorum was intense haha. On Wednesday we went on splits with the Ivandry elders. I was with Elder Wilson in my area. Elder Wilson was in the MTC when I was there and he goes home February 27th. We did a ton of finding all week and the first couple of days were dragging along. We ended up having 11 investigators show up to church and we weren't even there. So the work is going good and time is flying. I broke one of my teeth today while eating lunch woohoo! So I'll probably just suck it up for a few months. My glasses are falling apart too so I'm back to contacts. Elder Tregeagle just called me and told me that he got punched in the eye last night hahaha. Elder Cusick also texted us today and told us that his pre-mission girlfriend is getting married and as for Elder Barclay, he has rampant irritable bowel syndrome and hasn't had a full nights rest in four months because of it haha wooo! Mi aim à zot!

Na trouv

Elder Barclay


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