Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Good week :) Hanitra, Lalaina, and Anita have bap interviews tonight. I'm not sure how they'll do but we'll see. We spent a lot of time this week setting up video conferences in other areas of the mission. Skype and Webex are pretty neat. We also taught a lot. We had two lessons on Sunday evening that made me want to scream. First was Miora and Manjaka. We have been teaching them every Sunday for about 4 weeks now and every lesson is us disproving their "logical" reasoning with the bible and then laying into them with testimony and begging them to pray. The lessons have been so slow because they object to every single little thing we teach because they have no clue what is really in the bible and they have been blinded by false churches and have no idea who God really is. When they come up with all their objections I want to slap them and say, "Well what in your mind allows you to be a member of the Catholic Church that is not even close to abiding by the doctrine of the Bible?" The Pope just quit if I'm not mistaken! Does that not send up a red flag in anyone else’s minds?! HELLFIRE DAMNATION!!! AHHHHHHH!!! REPENT!!! haha I think I was supposed to have been born around Joseph Smith's time and preached in the streets of Wales with Dan Jones. Our other lesson of blood boiling frustration was with Johnny and his family. We had another round of the dumbest questions and flat out stupidity. I stopped talking because I was getting so mad. Voangy asked why I wasn't talking and I said, "You don't listen when I talk." I don't mind when people don't understand and we have to re-teach them 3 or 4 times but when they are screwing around during our lessons and daydreaming and then make sarcastic comments about what we've said, the red hairs in my beard stand on end and the Barclay fury is unleashed. Not really, I just say bad words in my head while Elder Steele teaches haha. I'm scared to drop people when I'm mad like that because I feel like it might just be a result of my impatience. They asked us to give them a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon and then for us to come back and help them understand it. So if they haven't read... MATY. We had some positive experiences also, in fact everything about this week was rad. Sunday night just chapped my hide a bit :) Sunday afternoon we were walking by frère Jose's house when his once LDS turned Adventist wife waved us over. We have battled with her a few times haha so it's kind of awkward. She asked us if we had any medicine because her teeth hurt. In my mind I knew right away that she wanted a blessing, but my pride got to me and I said, "Yeah... sorry we don't have any." Then we chatted a bit and left. We were about halfway through the rice field when I told Elder Steele we had to go back and give her a blessing. He didn't hesitate because he had the same things going through his mind. So we went and offered to give her a blessing and she continued to play dumb and said, "Oh, like in the house? Yeah sure that works." haha. She was healed instantly and smiling from ear to ear once the blessing was finished. The blessing was also pretty straightforward about her need to read the Book of Mormon and get back to church. It blows my mind that people can have miracles performed in their lives by the priesthood and still deny the Restoration. On Thursday we had a similar experience with an investigator. Her teeth were also bothering her. No one owns a toothbrush. So she asked for a blessing also. I gave the blessing and she also was healed instantly. We teach her and her husband and they have been pretty reluctant as well, so hopefully that miracle will help them to really read the Book of Mormon and pray. Who needs a dentist when you got the priesthood right? We played basketball with the Malagasy guys this morning even though I told myself I never would again the last time we played with them. They played hack-a-shaq as usual and almost successfully broke my back. I'm pretty sore. I took a good nap afterwards though and now I'm good to go! Have a great week! Mi aim à Zot!

Elder Barclay

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