Monday, March 4, 2013

Awesome week my dudes. We sent elders Fryer, Wilson, Walker, and Maua'i home on Wednesday and welcomed 6 new elders right after the departing group went through security. On Thursday Elder Steele managed the training and orientation for the new elders while I was out with Elder Bergera (new office elder) taking care of transfers. All but maybe 6 companionships were moved. It was the biggest transfer I've seen. I don't know how bigger missions do it. Elder Bergera attended "Barclay's Auto Ecole" Wednesday night and all day Thursday haha. Boy was that a rodeo! I almost wet my pants numerous times because I was laughing so hard. He's getting the hang of it now. I actually am very impressed that he was able to learn to drive a manual so quickly, let alone do it in Madagascar. He must have had a ballin instructor. Thursday morning we Elder Steele and I packed our bags and drove to Tamatave. We had Elder horman and Elder Rasoanaivo with us who were getting transferred to Tamatave. The trip was an adventure, and... we'll leave it at that for Mom's sake. We slid halfway off the road at one point what...??? Moving on! Elder Rasoanaivo was not enjoying the ride haha. He is from Besoa which is a little village about 8 billion miles off the beaten path. He ralphed his guts out 3 times throughout the drive. One of those times he almost didn't make it out of the car. He tapped Elder Horman on the shoulder and let him know what was about to happen so Elder Steele slammed on the brakes as Rasonaivo's cheeks bulged. The force of the car stopping made it impossible for the sliding door to be opened so finally when we had come to a complete stop Rasoanaivo ripped the door open and spewed across the two lane highway that we were on hahaha. Poor guy... That was probably the most intense ride of his life. So now we have been in Tamatave since Friday and we are heading back to Tana on Wednesday. It is bloody hot here. I love it, it reminds me of Reunion. We have been on splits everyday and it has been a party. I love these guys out here, I've never had this much fun. The only problem is... It's so hot that no one wears clothes. Wooh! So today we're going to take a walk on the beach in our flip flops and drink the milk of coconuts through bendy straws. Before I close I'll share a proselyting experience. Elder West and I were on splits on Saturday night and had finished teaching a lady and were headed to the car to go to our next lesson. I saw a man come out of a gate and thought well, we should go talk to him. He was just the guardian and after talking to him he finally went to get the owner of the house. A woman came out and she said, "I have a cousin who is Mormon." We talked more and her cousin was the wife of my ward's bishop who just recently passed away. I told her that I was at the funeral and that I was very close friends with that family. It turns out that the lady that I was talking to lives in my area in Tana and is married with kids and has a beautiful family. We got her information and will contact her next week. It was a miracle. I know that we were guided to that house to meet her that night. Have a good week I love you all! 

Elder Barclay

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