Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Woooohoo! Your boy is TIRED. This last week was a whopper. We had 3 more elders go home on Wednesday. They were real fun to have around before they left. They had lots of good stories and they had a real tough time saying goodbye to their missions. They had become malagasy and loved the people more than I thought anyone could. We weren't able to teach as much, due to meetings and getting ready for our trip toAntsirabe for zone conference and splits. Elder Steele and I drove down in our sweet silverBerlingo on Friday afternoon and finished our 3 1/2 hour road trip around 5 p.m. We went out on splits and I was able to go do two baptismal interviews for ElderKumar and Elder Andriamamonjisoa. One of the interviews was a 10 year old little girl and when I asked her to explain to me who Jesus Christ was she gave me a 5 minute response about his divinity, life on earth, and Atonement.Haha what? She barely passed... haha. Later on that night after one of our lessons we heard the neighbor of the family we taught crying. We asked what was wrong and she explained that her husband had taken all the money and left and that she and her children had no money or food to eat. We said a prayer with her and sat with her for a minute. It was a pretty sad situation and I just wanted to hug her. On Sunday we went on splits with the zone leaders. We were riding bikes and mine was a death trap. No front brakes and the back tire was so bald that when I would apply the back brakes the tire would slide out from under me. The terrain was nuts too ha. As we were climbing one hill the back tire popped off and then later on the seat fell off. Now you're probably thinking, "Jeez fatty lay off the rice," but I'm smaller than the guy that usually rides it so it wasn't my weight that was the problem I assure you. It'sok though, I survived. Monday morning we were still in Antsirabe so we took advantage of that and drove up to a sweet lake in the mountains outside of the citycalled Lake Tritriva. I'll send some pictures. It was beautiful. Around 1:30 we started our trip back to Antananarivo and arrived at 2:40. If you look scroll up to the beginning of this email you will notice that there is a significant difference in the amounts of time it took driving to and from Antsirabe. I was making some serious moves ha. Elder Steele was dying in the passenger seathaha. I was laughing so hard I was crying. The Berlingo is sporty I tell ya. Well now were in the office waiting to get stats and do some other sweet office work. The power and water in our apartment have been shut off because our bill didn't get paid and I have no clean underwear and haven't showered or shaved for two days. WOO! But nevertheless life is splendid and we have a fun week ahead of us.Lanto, Alicia, and Helen all came to church and our progressing towards baptism. This week we get to work our area hard and get some other folks on track as well. I pumped! You gonna bring the demons outta me?! Have good week!Je vous aime!

Elder Barclay


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