Monday, January 21, 2013



I was sick all week and it hurt really bad. On Tuesday night I started to have a sharp pain in my side and then it spread to my back and up into my shoulder. Wednesday morning it was everywhere in my upper body and it hurt to breath. So I stayed home with and Elder who had gotten 4 teeth pulled that morning while our companions went out together. Thursday I was fine and then on Friday We were on splits with the Manakambahiny zone leaders and I got the sharp pain in my side again. By the end of the night I was on the floor in our apartment taking short breaths with a fever. Elder Steele and Elder Robinson thought I was being a girl and told me to suck it up haha. The next morning I drove to a doctor’s office and got checked out and the doctor said, "You're fine, maybe a cold if that." Great haha. They gave me a bunch of medicine and I've been doing great since. I'm just a woman. So I haven't had as much macho man swag lately, but I'll get it back. We had 9 investigators at church yesterday. Lanto, Alicia, and Helen are our progressing investigators who are close to baptism. Helen just went up north to Mahajanga so the elders their will finish preparing her. Lanto came to our ward party on Saturday and loved it. The ward is really integrating him. So the work is going good. We leave for Antsirabe on Friday this week, Then head further south to Ambositra, then further south to Fianarantsoa. Zone Conference and branch presidency trainings woohoo! I love traveling with the Adams. They're just a hoot :) haha I don't know what I mean by that, but I enjoy their company. So next week’s email will be a doozy! I hope you’re ready fools! Sorry this one was lame. Mi aim à zot!


na trouv


'ti Clay

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