Monday, January 7, 2013

Salut les mecs,


It was a great week with tons of stuff happening. I snoozed through the coming in of 2013 and we tracted all new year’s day. Everybody was suffering from the aftermath of their parties. We ran into one fellow who was a bit strange. We knocked on his gate and the next thing we knew the shiny barrel of a rifle was coming through the gate. So we left haha. That was our first day of 2013. Wednesday was cool. One of the Elders in our apartment has been sick throughout his mission and was having a tough time and broke down just before we were all about to leave the apartment after lunch. He asked me to give him a blessing. It was one of the more powerful blessings I have been a part of and it was such an uplifting experience. The priesthood is awesome. Saturday was nuts. We went down into an area called Ampandrana which is kind of the low part of the valley. It started to pour once we got into our investigators house. When the lesson was over we walked outside and found 3 and 1/2 feet of water waiting for us to walk through. It was still pouring as we left the house and it was late at night so it was dark. The lightening would light up everything around us about every 10 seconds. We had to cross two bridges that were submerged under water which means we didn't know where the bridges were haha. So Elder Steele grabbed a stick and felt for the bridge as we tried to cross. We were about halfway across the small bridge and thought we could go the rest of the way Elder Steele put the stick down one more time and didn't find the bridge ha. We were one step away from being whisked away by the rushing pooh river. It took us about 10-15 minutes to get out of the valley and onto dry ground. It was way intense. Sunday was also awesome. We got up early and drove to office to meet President and Sister Adams and go to Moramanga for church. The members out there were so excited to see us. The girl who sat behind me and Sister Adams during sacrament meeting leaned forwarded and said, "Please don't leave. Stay here." Missionaries were pulled out about two months ago and it was the end of the world for the missionaries there and for the small group as well. We taught a lesson after church for all the nonmembers and committed them all to be baptized. They all accepted haha. YEAH! After church was over everyone got out their cameras and took pictures with us and what not. They were soo excited, I couldn't believe it. The missionaries that worked there before must have done a great job. And... That’s what happened last week. So much fun and exciting stuff. We went out to ambohimanga today and played with the lemurs and stuff. We watched a crocodile eat a chameleon which was nuts. I got it on video ha. Sooo until next week! Love y'all.


Jeffrey Charles


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