Monday, September 24, 2012



Great week, tons of success woohoo! There was one lesson that was the coolest for me. I have been studying chapter 6 in P.M.G. and working on diligence because I have been way tired lately and I just want to crash. So Sunday afternoon I was out with my mini all day running to people's houses and going door to door in between lessons and it just felt like nothing was happening. So I started To wander a bit down some paths I hadn't seen before and I found myself in front of this one guys house that I had already tried 5 times. Something just kept taking me back to this house and finally this time the father was home. At first he gave us the hand and waved us away but I kept talking ha. He started to get really mad and told us to leave and I said do you know who we are? So blah blah blah we were sitting on his porch and chatting a bit. We busted out a first lesson in 5 minutes and he was asking questions with a tone of "well what about this? hmmm?" By the time we finished and he couldn't find any faults we tried to fix a return appointment and he gave us the usual, "I work all day everyday," well right back at ya punk so do we. When we told him we worked from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. something hit him hard and he just couldn't believe it. Apparently it clicked in his head that we weren't going around stealing money from people and that we actually are called of God. It was nuts how he changed and suddenly had respect for what we were doing. He kind of freaked out and busted open his front and sat us down in his front room. He is a way solid guy and we will be teaching him next week! When we left I stopped and reflected for a bit about what had just happened because I was so blown away by his change of heart. His heart was softened because of how diligently we labor and it was a total answer to my prayers when I asked for strength and motivation to be more diligent as a missionary. For you guys it probably is a dumb little experience, but as I have been out here I have realized that those small things are the most powerful moments in life. Once I realize and accept that something is an answer to prayer for me or someone else, the spirit lays into me and it is an indescribable experience. You feel so close to God out here sometimes it's nuts. As for other news... there isn't much, just work as usual. Today we have a 5 on 5 basketball game lined up against the the Gendarmes (military police) because they saw Cusick, Tree, and I walking the other day and challenged us. I'm worried that if we win they'll throw us in jail so we might have to throw the game haha. I'll let you know how it goes next week! Have a great week friends. 

Love Jeffrey


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