Monday, September 3, 2012


Had a nice relaxing week. Monday night Abney and I were leaving the office when his appendix blew up like a balloon. He was hurting pretty bad so I drove him to the hospital and started calling Dr's and we got his surgery organized. It was about 8 p.m. when this all started. So the Dr. sent us to some places to get scans and ultrasounds and it turned out to be a mess because every place we went to either didn't have working equipment or the Dr. wasn't there. So Elder and Sister Grey, President Adams, Abney, and I were cruisin around Antananarivo trying to get this stuff done. Sister Grey is over the hospital issues and she couldn't remember where one of the places was so sweet, innocent, old, elder and sister Grey decide to stop and ask people for directions haha. Well at 1 in the morning in Madagascar the only people out on the streets are usually prostitutes and their customers ha. The hoochies weren't much help. Yikes, at the time I was bugged because Abney was dying and we were just humbuggin around town taking in the sights and trying to figure out where the place was by asking prostitutes for directions. So finally by 2 a.m. it was all sorted out and Abney was in a hospital bed. The next day he had surgery and that was pretty much my week. When he came out of surgery he was saying some pretty funny stuff and I got a good 30 minute movie. Even President Adams was laughing. So finally on Sunday I was able to get a malagasy member to be my companion and we went and taught. We caught four of our people at home and taught some solid times. Joshua and Nirina are my new favorite people. They're a young couple about 22 years old and just married. It's like teaching my friends. I love it! Saturday was the highlight of the week. Hery and Yarisoa were baptized. The branch President baptized Hery and I baptized Yarisoa. It was awesome. Super solid people and I get to be the guy who was a part of their conversion. Their baptism was probably the most solid success I have had so far. He'll be a stake president for sure. Other than that just a boring old regular week ha until next time friends.


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