Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi everybody,

What a great week! We started things off with a bang and took my buddy Elder Allred to the hospital to get his appendix taken out on Tuesday. Yep he is the third missionary in 2 months to have his appendix taken out. By now i'm wondering if thats what the real problem has been with these guys or if the doctors here were taught that if someone has a sideache to cut them open and pull something out. Just kidding, the doctor is really good and he helps us out a ton. So I was up until 3 a.m. at the hospital while Elder Allred was getting taken care of. Of course I recorded him when he came out of surgery, now I have three 30 minute films of blackmail  for Elder Cusick, Elder Abney, and Elder Allred. I got to call his mom and tell her what was going on which was cool. Way nice lady.

Wednesday night I was back at the hospital switching out missionaries to stray with Elder Allred when President Adams called and told me the transfer news. I will be working in Anjanahary with Elder Tregeagle who is Elder Cusick's companion now. Elder Cusick is going to Mauritius (lucky turd) and I will replace him. I managed to get out of being an office elder but still haven't escaped the office. 

Thursday was a definite black eye on the week. I woke up on the hospital floor in Elder Allred's hospital room after staying the night with him with an usual feeling in my stomach/bowels. Apparently my lunch from Wednesday wasn't too great for my body. I was in the bathroom all morning and finally got to go home around noon where I took some medicine and went to bed. Five minutes after falling asleep I woke up and ran to the bathroom and threw up so hard that I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder haha woohoo! I don't know if any of you are familiar with the term "double-dragon" but that is what happened. 

Friday morning we were back at it and taught Revenaldo about the Plan of Salvation and committed him to be baptized on the 6th of October. He accepted and told us how he is planning on serving a mission too. He's a stud and man... hearing that made us happy. Friday night was really cool. Elder Carl B. Cook of the seventy arrived for his mission tour and Elder Tregeagle, Elder Cusick, and I got to meet with him and President Adams about the tour for a few hours. It was awesome. Great guy ha. 

Saturday was Zone Conference. Hallelujah! It was just the kick in the rear that I needed to get me back in line. It's crazy how we slack off little by little after a big zone conference and then get slapped in the face again a few months later. The best part is that I never feel bad but just pumped to get work done. I'm sure that is because these general authorities teach by the spirit and do things the Lord's way and not their own. Elder Cook told us a story about the end of David A. Bednar's mission. A few months before he was going home his mission president asked him if there was anything he could do for him and Elder Bednar said, "Just don't tell my companion when I'm going home." So one morning during companion study when Elder Bednar and his companion were planning for the day Elder Bednar brought up the point that he needed to be to the airport at 2 because he would be going home. I think I'm going to attempt that same trick So I really do work up until the very last day. The zone conference was awesome. That's all for this week folks. Love y'all!

Elder Barclay 

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