Monday, September 17, 2012


Great week. Lots happened but I am just going to tell you guys about a new family we are teaching. The Dad's name is Jean-Baptiste and he is married with three kids. The kids are 18, 22, and 9 years old and the older two are in college. We found them at their house on Tuesday and taught them the first lesson and set up a time for Sunday night. Last night was one of the most powerful lessons of my mission. So We start to review the Joseph Smith stuff and I have them read the definition of Apostasy in the pamphlet and they all start to figure out what we're trying to teach them. Then once they figured out how important it all was they started asking tons of questions. Then they kind of started to freak out because they realized that if they make the wrong choice then they'll be in trouble. So we answer all their questions and just make everything crystal clear and then teach them about the Book of Mormon. I being an IDIOT didn't take a Book of Mormon when I left the house so I had them reading stuff out of my personal triple and taught them that way. I had never had any person figure out for themselves that if our message was true they better make the right choice or else haha. I have had people just take our word for it off the bat and others think mhmm sure that sounds nice and come along that way, but never had I seen people be somewhat stricken with fear from realizing the gravity of our message. It was sick because the spirit was practically lighting the room and our testimonies were unshakable! It was awesome. So as soon as the lesson was over we sprinted to our house and ran back to their house with the book. I wouldn't be surprised if they read the whole thing that night. Woohoo!
We fixed some bap dates this week as well. November 3rd will be a big day if everyone follows through!

Go Aggies.

Elder Barclay

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