Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hey my sweet sweetnesses,
Thank you so much for the emails. You all are swell and made this P-day super :) I just got done playing basketball at the church with all the malagasies and I almost lost my left eye. I have never been poked in the eye like that. The guys were real chumps and would hack me everytime I got the ball because they are all 5 feet tall and they can't stop me. I thought I had over come my temper but nope, it had just been a long time since I 'd played an intense game of basketball. No worries though the only game my team lost was the game in which I had to leave and pull my contact lense out from behind my eye. Then I came back and continued to punk fools. We won 7 in a row and then we stepped down and let the chumps play against eachother. Well, now that all that is off my chest i'll calm down and tell you what happened this week. On Tuesday we a had a Zone Leader council with president. Those meetings are the coolest! We prepped and made plans for when President Adams arrives and then had a fat meal up in Presidents house. Sister Donnelly made this pasta with cheese that she brought back from Reunion and I ate so much that I almost ralphed. These last three weeks my body has been cinfused as the dickins because I'll eat garbarge all week and then have some fancy meal every once in a while. My body thinks, "Oh, hallelujah we made it and we're back to normal food and then I go back to sewer water and rice with rocks and bones in it. After lunch President briefed us on the emergency evacuation plan for possible civil unwrest here in mada. Presidential elections should be coming up this year and there are already riots and stuff in Analakely. It's the worst because Seifert and I have to drive through that city all the time to take people to places but when there are riots we have to drive for an hour to get around it. The goverment here is super corrupt because the current leader took control by force and he is not stepping down. He has oushed back the elections for 3 years now and probably will do the same thing this year. It's pretty nuts. Malagasy is coming along. I can figur out what is going on in the conversations from time to time but that's about it. The nice thing is that I'm not scared to talk to people so it is a lot easier to just try and speak and look dumb, and that way I learn faster. The mothers day call seems like it was 10 years ago. We ended up hitch hiking home afterwards because it was so late and thre were no taxi's. A soccer team in a van gave us a ride. I think I already told you that, sorry. We didn't have any baptisms this Saturday, but next week we have 5 lined up. It's sooo weird to have baptisms. I have the best mission ever. Reunion was amazing and now I get to be here and see this side of the work. Ummm yeah I think thats it. I thought that once I told you all that I could get Dearelders agin that I would have actually gotten one haha. Well I gotta go! 
Love Elder Barclay     

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