Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hi y'all

I'm dyin' out here. The fleas are eating me alive. This week was pretty solid. Today at 2 the three kids of the parents that we baptized a month ago are getting baptized. Next week we have one for sure and some other maybes. Nothing special happened this week. The highlight for me was yesterday at the airport. Game six of the Celtics Heat series was on TV. That was crazy because if there actually is a TV somewhere it's usual on CNN or something. I watched the whole first quarter and it was like I was watching one of the same game from before I left. I felt like nothing had changed and that I hadn't missed much. While we were sitting there waiting for sister Bulewa to board her flight four catholic nuns came and sat around us. As soon as they noticed who we were they got up and split. The must have felt our priesthood ha :) We almost got a picture of the six of us watching the game but they got away. I taught a spiritual thought last night in Malagasy for the first time. The family was all Muslims except for one of the daughters who is a member ha ha. We ate dinner with them afterwards and it was good. The situation was pretty funny when I stepped back and realized that we were eating, laughing, and having a jolly old time with these Muslims decked out in all there cloth and what not. My favorite part was testifying that Jesus is the Christ. We tend to take our time when we lay that line down. I can't help but smile when I say it ha ha. Yeah, I can't remember anything sorry. We have lots of cool people that we teach and they are my best buds. The work gets pretty personal when your love for your investigators grows. I love it. Well I gotta go, sorry for the lames ville email. I hope all is well! 

Love Jeffrey  

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