Monday, May 14, 2012

Ny anarako dea Barclay,

Malagasy is nuts, learning it from scratch is rough as well. This last week was the craziest. Madagascar is the poop of the earth. It's super fun. I'll just give you a few details and stories from the week and then on sunday when we chat we can cover the rest. So my bowels have already been melted and i'm gettin used to the lifestyle quickly. As for fun stories... we  punked the drunk husband of one of our investigators because he beats her. The guy probably messed himself when he saw me and Seifert as he was trying to leave his house. It was pitch black outside and we were standing right in front of his door when he opened it to leave. Impeccable timing. Seifert is about the same size as me, and Malagasies are like 4 feet tall. I just sat there and mean mugged him while Seifert taught him. The gospel changes behavior better than anything else. We also taught our old lady investigator Bebe. She's like 80 and the last time we taught her she was wearing a shirt that she must have thought was NOT see through. It was a good experience. We also taught this super rich girl that just left for reunion and so she spoke french and when I spoke creole to her she loved it. We ran into her again at the airport as we were dropping someone off and she told me she was going to buy me presents while she is in reunion. Sick! She is sooooooo ridiculously loaded. Yeah, Mada is nuts. Lots of other crazy stuff happened but it's just too much to write about. Dead bodies in the streets, can't drink the water, poop everywhere, It's tough to breath outside. I am going to smell like DOODOO when I get home. So for the mothers day call... Sunday at 1 p.m. I will be on the computer ready to skype. Whoever wants to be there has to be at Mom and Dad's house at that time. It will be 9 p.m. here and we'll chat it up. If that doesn't work you guys will just call my cell phone and we'll talk that way. You have to buy a calling card and you are the ones who will pay. Awesome. Merci d'avance pour votre aide! Nou sa cause bonne dimanche alors, na trouve. Mi aim a ou. Veloma!  

Love Jeff

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