Monday, May 21, 2012


Well I'm starting to catch words in the conversations now. I'm still lost though. It's tough being a helpless moron out here. The worst is when people are like, "So how long have you been out?" and I say, "Just over a year now." Then they look at me with a confused face thinking, "Oh... I see, you're an idiot and still haven't learned the language." while they say, "Well hang in there, I'm sure you'll get it." Yep, woohoo. Lots of fun stuff is happening though and my comp and I have fun. We rode on the bumper of a taxi bay the other day and hung on for dear life. We taught some awesome lessons in the smallest little huts you have ever seen and during one of them a GIANT black widow crawled around the room staring me in the face. They are monsters here ha. We just teach all day long and then on saturday people show up to be baptized. It's weird but hey I don't mind. The lessons are simple but powerful. People just get it and accept it like Jesus himself was teaching it to them. I don't understand how, but I love it. This next week I should be getting violently ill. It usually takes about two weeks for it to hit and my time is coming...
Madagascar is a strange place. I think i'm still in shock. Life is pretty rough for these people and I can see the adversary having his way with this land. On the other hand the church is exploding. I always thought that when people would talk about the "war" between good and evil it was a load of garbage, but man I literally feel like I am there in it now. The nicest part about it all is knowing that I have complete control over the opposition, but he is really there. It creeps me out ha. Well I gotta go, sorry this was short. Have a great week evryone.

Love Jeff

Oh! You can send letters via now. I'm in the office so I will get them right when you send them. And...the address for letters is...

Elder Barclay
Dingana III

There ya go :)

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