Monday, April 2, 2012

Sup ladies... and gents,

My head is going to explode. Stress stress stress :) I don't know what causes it but it sure is a bummer. Well to start with the worst part of my week I'll tell you all about handing my area over to two wonderful sisters. We took a day and went around to all of our progressing ami's houses and introduced the soeurs and taught together. A lot of those ami's were super bummed that we were leaving. They looked at me like, "You're just going to split on me like that?" It ripped my heart out. All those people were having their lives flipped upside down and changed and they trusted in us so much and then we had to say, "Yeah... we don't work here anymore. See ya never!" the lessons with the soeurs were rough... Things just didn't match up with the investigators. Yikes well that is all over with. Now Elder Temarohirani and I are whitewashing St. Marie. At church on Sunday we taught the gospel principles class and afterwards Elder T said, "There is something bad about this place." Haha yep you got that right buddy. Everyone is at eachother's throat in this branch and the tension is through the roof. So we fixed a bunch of rendezvous with members and we'll see if we can restore the peace. Our plan is to give everyone a spiritual punch in the face and see if that will make everyone happy again. By that I mean just to bring an insane amount of the spirit into everyone's home and be positive and happy. We are pretty much starting from scratch here. There are currently 0 investigators. Yay :) haha it's kind of nice though, I like having a fresh start in a new place. Oh we have a baptism in St. Denis on the 14th which will be awesome as well. Her name is Onja if I haven't already told you. It will be super sick. The lesson we had with her last Tuesday was amazing. We taught the plan of salvation and yada yada yada... super strong spirit and Shazam! Be baptized my Malagasy friend! She accepted the commitment and we all just couldn't stop smiling. She was like, "I can't wait." Hallelujah! Man it was awesome, I mean jeez louis I can't even stop smiling right now as we speak. The love is just too much to handle sometimes. The other miracle happened our first day in St. Marie while we were knocking doors and we met this family. 8 children. Word? We had a nice little chat and they invited us back next week. Please pray for that to follow through. Lots is going on and I'm sorry I never send pictures. I'm still working on organizing all my pics so that I can put them on my jump drive to send home. I have way too many photos. Yeah... that's about it for me, I love you all! Have a great week :) à plus


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