Monday, April 30, 2012

Last week was super lame. We were busy with Toyota and the two new cars all tuesday and wednesday and then friday. I hate doing that garbage. The cars are sooooo sick. They have touch screen nav systems and are brand spankin new. That was my first time driving a brand new car off the lot. It was cool ha. Too bad they aren't for us. We handed one over to the soeurs on friday morning after we taught them how to drive. Yowza that was rough but they got the hang of it and the cars might make it for a few years. I get the chills just thinkin about all that. Teaching someone to drive can be a very frustrating task. I think I did well though. The soeurs still like me at least and don't think I'm a total jerk. Other than that whole mess of insurance policies, registration stuff, and whatever else we had to do, the work was slow. We weren't able to see many of our ami's. Most of our appointmnts fell through and it was the worst because we finally were able to arrange for members to come with us. Onja is still doing well and we will fix a date for her baptism tomorrow night. Another investigator from St. Denis that the soeurs taught is getting baptized on the 12th of May. We were super good buds when I was there. His name is Boris and he is from Madagascar. He asked me to baptize him so that will be sick. On thursday I went down to La Possession to go on a split with Elder Long (district leader) and it was good. I wanted to tell him to change everything he was doing but I remembered that I was exactly like him 6 months ago. He is a top notch missionary and has that greeny attitude of, I'm here to teach you the gospel and baptize you and if you don't accept my testimony, not my problem. However, after so much rejection a missionary starts to change and tries to spend more time with people and get to know them and then present the gospel to them as their friend. I wish I would have figured that out earlier. I was just out to get the job done and find those that were ready and blow off those that didn't accept what I had to say. The work is a lot more fulfilling when I am able to bless someones life and uplift them instead of placing an offer before them and saying do or die. It would be nice to be a perfect missionary ha. I feel like I'm figuring this out a bit, and by that I mean that I'm figuring out how to rely completely on the Lord and try to do what he wants instead of what I think would be good. But thats super hard... and I'm tired all the time ha so... I do my best. Well thankfully no missionaries have finished their missions lately. I don't want to see the airport until it's me getting on that plane. For my year mark I decided to treat myself :) T and I decided to drive to the other side of the island and fix the sisters car. On the way there we stopped and held a baptismal interview in Port and filled out the accident report for the St. Paul car. Yay haha I had a blast. Really though, I do enjoy being able to see everyone. It seems like it is just one thing after another. Once we get all the visa stuff done, every car breaks down, then that gets taken care of and the sisters electricity goes out, and then the plumbing in Ports apartment breaks and on and on and on...
Today we were able to actually clean our apartment and it's nice now.
I have found that cleaning relieves my stress better than anything else. Dad is asking himself, "Then why didn't you do it more?" Well, I wasn't stressed before my mission haha. Well thats enough rambling. I will come up with a plan for the mothers day call and tell you next week. Let me know what you guys will being so we can coordinate! Have a good one friends. Na trouve!

Love Jeff

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