Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey friends, sorry for last week. There just isn't enough time in the day. The week before last was a trial. The spirit that I had burning constantly in my heart left me and I kind of hit a wall. It was tough.
However the Lord did teach me a very valuable lesson about faith. It's a decision. When those tough moments come and we lose the motivation and desire to go forward we have to decide to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and see it all through until the good comes back again.
For some reason I thought that having faith would produce a peachy parade for me as I went through life but that doesn't quite fall in line with the fact that we are all natural men and are in a fallen state. I had a coach in high school who had the phrase, "If there is no struggle then there is no progress" tattooed on his forearms. A very true and correct principle, too bad he decided to engrave it into the precious temple that Heavenly Father so graciously gave to him.
Just when I think I get stuff figured out the Lord humbles the dickens out of me and puts me in my place haha. When will I learn! Well for work news, Onja was not baptized on the 21st. However we were able to refix another date for the end of May. She just needs a little more time to prepare and realize how special her baptism will be. We had one of the mot powerful lessons of my mission with her. We watched the Restoration video and just testified at the end. We all lost it ha.
Man I love her! We have been able to find some other investigators and we had many more powerful lessons and we are starting to really get this area going finally. It is rather tough because the branch is not in good shape. Everyone is super prideful and everyone is constantly offended and I don't want my friends that I teach to come and be treated badly. It's tough but we are going to make all these members work with us and feel the same spirit we feel during our lessons and we'll see if that changes their hearts. I had an old woman try to love me. That was exciting :) She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her house and tried to kiss me. When I refused she started bawling and things got real weird. Once again I was flattered by the attempt but I just couldn't give her what she wanted. Yum. This thursday will be my year mark. I don't know what to think about it so I have decided not to think about it. Life is super good. I was day-dreaming a bit the other day and I realized that I didn't know who won the super bowl or the final four or anything really concerning sports. Crazy ha I was more surprised by the fact that I couldn't care less either. Now i'm a bit torn by the decision of wether or not I will watch football on sundays. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it right? Well my dear friends, I gotta go. I love you. Take it easy.


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