Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm dyin out here. I'm tired. I'm sick. But there is lots of exciting news! TRANSFERS. Yeah you betcha I can't believe that I wasn't able to see this coming because once again I have come into an area with 0 investigators and after 2 months I am told to leave after we have built everything up and have 10 investigators. The nice thing is that if those 10 people fall through I can say, "What did those morons who followed me do?" haha No but really transfers were nuts. So Elder Chong-Mook is going to go die in Mada and I'm taking over here. I'll be training Elder Temarohirani to be the next AP but we will be in the St. Marie branch and not St. Denis. I started in St. Marie and that place is a mess. Members are crazy and it's just tough. There are currently 0 investigators there and nothing else really happening there for that matter. The stats that came in from that area last week were straight 0's except for 5 lessons taught to less actives. Yowzers fellas, what are you doing? What was really nice about this last week was seeing people be absolutely crushed that we were leaving their branch. I could have sworn that no one even realized we were there half the time, but now that we're leaving they are all sweating bullets. The elders quorum president was like, "Sweet, now I have to re-do the entire home teaching list because the Elders are on every team." So yeah that was cool. We won't be eating at home for lunch or dinner for the entire next week :) yum! I'm super excited to go back to St. Marie though because a lot of those people are really cool and we'll get stuff going again. I'll stop patting myself on the back now, sorry. Well for other cool stuff... oh yeah something suuuuuuuuupppppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr sick happened. Yeah, my memory card with all my Mada pics broke. Cool right? Haha yep. ummmmm.... what else.... We had a small conference here Wednesday with President and Elder Hartman and that was cool. Oh yeah Elder Bize (my trainer) finished his mission. I got to pick him up from the airport take him out to lunch and stuff and visit old friends of ours and go to a super fancy restaurant with President and him and it was a blast. It made me trunky but I'm over it. The fear of leaving is still much greater than the desire to go home. This morning to say goodbye to Chong-Mook we had a zone activity. We had a barbecue and had a sick little party at the church. that was a jolly old time as well. Yeah that's all I got for ya. Pics will be coming... when I get around to it ha. I'm still working on sending that flash drive to Mom. that should be a sweet treat for y'all. Well gotta go see ya! Love ya.


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