Monday, April 9, 2012


This is going to be a short one because I'm going to send tons of pics. The week was alright, well actually it was super awesome but Satan threw a lot of other stuff at us as well and that made it tough to see how awesome the week really was. So we got to actually work quite a bit this week in our own area. We found a small family that is pretty golden and super chill. We were in the street talking to a kid when this guy in short shorts and a knee brace comes up and joined in on the conversation. He left and then about an hour later while we were still working on that street he came back and he told us to come to his house. So we walked home with the guy and we got to his house, had some coca, taught him & his parents the restoration, book of Mormon, & prayer and they invited us over for dinner next Saturday. Yeah! We taught Onja twice last week and the first time was super good but the second time was a bit rough. The second time we taught chastity, tithing, and word of wisdom. Bam! In your face Onja welcome to Mormon living! Just kidding she already knew about tithing and the word of wisdom but chastity was... nice... I usually have no problem laying down the law and saying whatever I need to say but this time it just wasn't smooth like J. Charles Barclay usually is. She has member friends (women) and she is going to talk to them about it. All is well for the baptism on April 21st (B-day present for ya pops) We taught quite a few other strange people and had some sweet success. My favorite new friend of ours is named Quasimodo :) holy macrole he is unique, I'll keep you posted on that one if it goes anywhere. Yeah that's about it for cool stuff, sorry this is short but we are going on a sweet hike today and it is going to take some time so we're trimming up our email time. I'm alive and well. Thanks for the emails, I probably won't write you back, sorry but I just don't got the time fellas! I'll see what I can do. Merci bien à zot!

Love Jeff

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