Monday, February 27, 2012

We've been eating lots of pasta with beans in it lately :) it's delicious. Tons of super sick stuff happened this week. I have trouble remembering what happened when though so sorry if I tell stories that have already been told. Thursday we did pretty much an entire day of service for two of our Ami's and a recent convert. The first was for Daisy (divorced 45 year old lady) and it was just usual yard work but while we were working she stopped and started to tell us how unusual it is to have complete strangers come to her house and work for her just to help her. Super cool. We went to Emanuel's (rasta blackjack guy) apartment and helped him paint his apartment. He had his TV on a music video channel and I'm all caught up on all the nasty music I've missed. T-Pain and Rhianna are dirty sinners ha. Anyways, we were painting and Emanuel was being his usual goofy self speaking with his french/creole/jamaican accent and then out of no where he was like, "Jeff, am I dreaming?" I didn't have a clue what he meant so I said, "ha... What?" He starting saying the same things Daisy said and it was awesome. When we got to his house that day he had a friend there who was just chillin but split when we started working. Emanuel said, "I've known you guys for like 3 weeks and you're there for me more than my friends who I've known for years." It was nuts seeing these people get emotional and just being able to see that what we were doing was blessing their lives. Now just get baptized you fools! Really though, those moments were some of the most fulfilling experiences I've had out here. The feelings of love that I get for these people are overwhelming. It's nuts. We went to Patrick's house last and helped him clean and get his apartment ready for a bed that one of the other members was giving him. Holy moly ha hair, grease, and spider webs galore! It was pretty rough work. I was trying not to gag half the time. He is a pretty simple guy and just does what you tell him to do, for example - Come to our church and get baptized - haha He's super cool though and we were able to help him which is all that matters. Later that night we drove down to St. Paul and I left Elder Chong-Mook there and brought Elder Twitchell back up to St. Denis for an exchange. It was super nice to be back with Elder Twitchell and just run around with our heads on fire. The Tahitian elders don't have quite the same intensity. We worked all day and found new people and taught lessons! YES!!! One girl we met was named Annaelle who is 18 and lives alone in a tiny studio. She has had a super rough childhood and she is dirt poor. She dropped out of school and left home when she was 15 because her dad was dumb and there were tons of problems there. We were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon and explain what we do and she was pumped. Another awesome experience that can't be described with words. This last week there has been some civil unrest as well. Mobs gather at night and there are riots like crazy over how expensive everything is here. People have been destroying stores, looting, burning down buildings and blowing up cars in the streets and it's just crazy. We have to be in our apartments every night at 6 and we sit and listen to the cars explode and tear gas bombs go off all night. The police and gendarmes here don't do squat and people just run wild. It seriously is crazy how mobs of like 200 people can go into Jumbo (Wal-Mart) and just wreak havoc and do whatever they want. The police show up and don't do anything! We have been asking people about it and they tell us, "Yeah, there is nothing we can do. We don't have the right to really fight back or do anything." It sure isn't like America here, these poor people who own little stores in strip malls or gas stations have to just sit back while punk criminals come in and steal and break everything they have. Houses get hit up too and the cars that are being burned are just random peoples cars. It's weird to think that no one has guns ha I could only imagine if we went around and gave all these store owners shot guns and let them do work. I guarantee after one of these little creole guys got his legs blown off no one would go back to rob that store. Sorry that was a bit graphic. But yep, it's nuts here! We have had problems with creepy guys messing with the Soeurs at their apartments as well and it's just... crazy ha. People are just going nuts but we're safe :) It's not as bad as it sounds, it's just somewhat exciting and for the most part it is a few angry/crazy people and then the rest are just scumbags that are taking advantage of the situation and getting free stuff and lighting stuff on fire. Well that's all for me. I'll send loads of pics next week because it's been a while. Have a good week :)


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