Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's humid and sticky and sweaty and just my favorite time of the year :) I was complaining before, but this is just ridiculous. It never stops ha. Members tell us that around the end of March it will stop getting hotter and will start to cool down. Hallelujah! Well this last week was pretty sweet. We didn't get to work as much as the week before but we did some cool stuff. Wednesday we picked up sister Kenny at the airport. She came back from Mada to go home from Réunion. President made us throw her a little party, so we went to a church and played a game and had a testimony meeting and then we all ate lunch at a restaurant. She stayed one night here with the soeurs in St. Denis but the Soeurs from St. Pierre wanted to drive all the way up to St. Denis as well and spend the night and party. No. Are you dumb? Stay in your area and work, we're having a party with the entire zone isn't that enough? They were upset. So we had the party thursday morning and were finished and gone by noon. At about 6:30 P.M. we went to pick soeur Kenny up to go to the airport the St. Pierre soeurs decided to come up and play all day. When we showed up and they saw us they were all on edge because I have a reputation for... putting people in line. I didn't say anything because they were soeurs. One of them was like, "...Are you mad that we're here...?" I just smiled and didn't say anything. I don't know how to react to people in a positive manner. I just want to tear into people when they do dumb stuff, but I refrain. We got soeur Kenny sent off and it was not a pleasant experience for me ha. Going home looks like the most bittersweet experience in the world. Yowza, I'm not looking forward to that feeling. Can't wait to come home and see ya but leaving is going to be tough. Well back to the real mission stuff. We had this really awesome Ami named Marie Claude. She was GOLDEN and we had taught her twice but yesterday morning we got a call :( She told us to come get our book from her. We passed by and she came out of her apartment and told us that she didn't want anymore. So we talked and she looked at me and said, "I prayed like you told me too. Do you remember telling me to pray? Well I did and I did it sincerely and I went to bed. In the middle of the night something was outside of my door snarling, howling, and banging against the door." At first I was like what? And then I wanted to say, "Don't give me that garbage." And then I realized that she was the first person to ever tell me that she had gone and done what I asked her to do. Granted, people have kept commitments and stuff but Marie Claude was by far the most golden Ami I've had. We tried to get another time to meet but she wasn't having it and she made us take the book. HEART BREAKER. What next... uhhh oh yeah crazy time. We were porting in some gross apartments and an old lady answered her door without a top on and jumped back when she saw us and said, "Oh! Get in here!" haha So I peeked in and saw this young chinese looking guy and we went in. The lady was plastered. It was disgusting. The kid was from Vietnam and he knew a bit about Mormons so we had an interesting discussion with him. He wasn't drunk but super weird and his teeth were all rotted out. He was probably about 27 and the lady, I'd say... 60 ish. They were lovers :) There ain't no age when it comes to love baby. The lady kept touching me and being gross and she would go through phases of anger, singing, and straight comedy. Holy hannah it might have been the craziest thing that has happened. I got some pretty sweet videos of her being nuts. She would stand next to her boyfriend and look over at me and say, " Oh. Tu es beau. :)" and then , "Mmm. Je t'aime. :)" The videos will help you enjoy this story more than me just telling it. Yep time to go. See ya :)


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