Monday, February 13, 2012

This last week went by pretty quick. We had some awesome lessons and found a pretty golden family. It's the Marie Claude lady I told you about earlier and we taught her and it was awesome. We will fix a bap date this week with her. Our other investigator named Nicole came to church again and this time he stayed for all three hours and he loved it. He was making me tear pages out of my planner so he could take notes during priesthood. He kept raising his eyebrows and looking at me and saying, "This is good stuff man." haha the guy cracks me up. We taught a TON of lessons this week. We actually have a pool of investigators now and life is great. On Friday I had to do a baptismal interview for an old guy from Le Port. It was great... He was ready and we gave him the thumbs up. Yikes haha There was a hurricane that slid on by this weekend too. It barely touched us so that was a real let down. It's super windy though and the humidity is unbearable. I think this is the hottest it has been. It's not even sunny, it's just the humidity that kills me. there is lots going on at the moment. We had a branch activity on Friday night and it was alright. I really have nothing to talk about, sorry. I gave myself a pretty good haircut this morning :) Uhhh.... yep it was a good week. Oh yeah! Elder Chong Mook and I had an encounter with a giant spider in the basement of this nasty apartment building. It was just chillin on the wall staring me in the face. It was beefy and black and just creepy as can be, so I poked it with my pencil and it attacked us. Holy Hannah those things are fast. Don't worry it didn't get me. We stopped by Emanuel's house on Saturday and he was blazin' it up with his homies. He was getting ready to give a tattoo to the girl and she was sweating bullets while he was cleaning all his little needles and tools. His apartment is the grungiest place on the planet and I can only imagine the infections people get when he gives them tattoos. His Indian looking friend was there again and they were happy to see us. We didn't get to stick around long enough to see the tattoo happen which was a bummer, but the visit was entertaining enough. He's a sweet investigator when he isn't partying. We helped another one of our investigators clean her house and get ready for some inspection thing that she was having. We pulled weeds out in the yard too and I loved it. I miss yard work. While I was working in one of the flower beds I managed to rub up all over this little cactus and that was the worst. I had little needles everywhere in my right arm and leg. Yeah, that's about it for this past week. The work is going great. This little kid sitting on his mom's lap right next to me just ripped a loud fart and laughed and then said, "Pardon" hahaha Yes! Time to go. See ya later 

Love Jeff 

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