Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi everyone :)

I feel like SCREAMING! Yikes, well we had a zone conference with President Donnelly and Elder Soares from the first quorum of the 70. Holy moly it was perfect. We didn't necessarily get reamed but just told to be more diligent and everything Elder Soares said was exactly what I wanted to say to everyone here. It was rad. But I also feel like an absolute failure and I don't like that too much. It's hard because I have a pit in my stomach all the time now instead of just most of the time ha. I can't seem to feel like I do enough ever. I don't know why but I just feel that way. I don't mind it too much though because it makes me work harder and do more. I wish everything could just be happy and peaceful all the time haha I guess if it was like that then life wouldn't be life. Enough of that. The time goes by so fast that I can't remember what has happened. Well after the conference on Saturday there was a fireside for the entire island where Pres and Sister Donnelly and Elder and Sister Soares spoke. Sister Soares and Sister Donnelly don't speak french though... so I got asked to stand up there with them and translate there talks. They decided to let me know as the meeting was starting so that was cool too. My HHWORD, it was tough. They were reading scriptures and just saying whatever and I was praying for the gift of tongues the entire time. It worked out though so no worries. I was awfully sweaty afterwards ha. Now I'll just give all the names of our top priority ami's to fill you in on the work and stuff. Emanuel, Daisy, Jean-Louis, Jean-Paul, Nicole, Ann Gaelle, and Jean-Freddy. There are others but we see these people pretty consistently. We had a sweet lesson with Emanuel on Friday about why we are on the earth. He really grasps the logic of the gospel and our lessons even though he smokes 7 billion doobies and drinks rum like a pirate. We only teach him when he's sober and awake and the spirit is strong. He really knows we want to help him and he said something about coming to church before we even mentioned it. He's the man. After we helped him paint he really changed and it seems like his heart was really softened. I never would have thought that we could have even taught this guy about prayer, but he reads the B.O.M. and understands what we say. We had an awesome lesson with Daisy as well last week. We taught here  about the plan of salvation and stuff and she was pretty taken back by all of it. It's really surprising to find these educated people that have raised families and lived their lives without having the slightest clue about how the whole plan works. She had lots of questions and we had every answer. I love it when that happens :) The spirit was super strong there too. She is coming along little by little as well. Jean-Louis! hahaha Do you remember my second week in the field when I told you all that Elder Bize, Elder Flint, and I fixed a bap date with this little creole guy and I was the one who extended the invitation? Well He's back in the line up now. We were going through the area book one night during the riots and I called him and he was reading the B.O.M. as I called. MIRACLE. We went and taught him on Thursday and it was solid. He wasn't as slow as I remember him being. He was grasping things and answering questions and he just ate it up. We knelt and prayed at the end and i didn't specify that we only say amen at the end of the prayer, so he kept saying amen after every sentence during the prayer haha great guy :) Jean-Paul... Super huge (obese) and lives with his mom in a tiny apartment. He's 30 and Pentecostal and is all about speaking in tongues and that garbage. We taught him the restoration and he was trying to act like it was impossible that all that happened but we put him in his place and the spirit confirmed it. I love nothing more than when people try to say dumb and incorrect stuff and we teach a principle and testify and the spirit is so strong that they have to put their heads down and look away. After that happens they realize that what they were saying was crazy and they start to listen to us. Without the spirit all this would just be a debate and we would accomplish nothing. I think you already know Nicole a bit. He has a bap date for March 17th but that's not going to happen. He is going to take some time. Last time we  were at his house we talked about baptism AGAIN and he still thinks that he just needs to get baptized and then everything will be perfect. Wife, kids, house, money, job, NO Nicole that's not how it works. He can't wrap his mind around the idea of enduring to the end ha. Curse you catholic church! People think, "Yeah hey, I am baptized, oh wait that wasn't enough? Alright baptize me again and we'll be good right?" NO. I just realized that I have catholic friends who read this... Sorry hehe :) read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Moving on! Ann Gaelle, 20 year old single mother, you already know why she lets us teach her ;) nothing happening there really it's still in the developing stages (her investigation of the church). Yucky. Finally Jean-Freddy. He's the brother of an in-active girl that we ran into one day knocking doors. He is 22 and has met tons of missionaries before. He is on his computer 24/7 with his two cyber girlfriends who live in Spain and Madagascar. He likes our lessons though but he we'll be kicked to the curb if he doesn't progress soon. Come to church homie! Yikes my time is almost up. The riots are done. My favorite little city "Chaudron" is destroyed. Yep uhh Mom I got your letter and I'm doing great :) have a good one


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