Monday, November 28, 2011

Well I had half my email typed and i just lost it so I'm going to do my best to remember what I typed. This last week was awesome, we got four new investigators. Two are young single mom's named Celine and Lorenza. Then there is this 18 year old french kid named Geoffrey and he reminds me a bit of myself. The last is Madame Maillot who is a mother of 7 kids. Jackpot. The two moms and Madame Maillot have come to church and we haven't invited Geoffrey yet but we will this Tuesday. Right after we found Geoffrey I got attacked by a dog ha ha. So what happened was this french guy opened his gate and this dog came running up behind us from the street and as the french guy was saying ,"Non merci, je vous souhaite une bonne journée," as sarcastically as possible the dog wrapped his mouth around my calf. I yanked my leg away before he did any damage and then the french guy grabbed the dog and took it inside because it was his. If I wasn't striving to be Christlike I would have kicked the dog and then punched the guy in the face but let's face it, kicking a dog isn't very Christlike. So we had quite an interesting experience yesterdy. We were leaving the apartment after lunch and as we walked outside and were surrounded by Tamouls. I thought we were in straight up India. They were burning stuff in the street and running around in their turbins with no shoes or shirts on and it was just nuts! I took some sweet pictures. The weirdest part was that i had already talked to a ton of the people at their houses and they seemed normal their but not today. They all were trying to get me to take my shoes off and come with them ha. So we were going the same direction as their parade and we couldn't really pass them so we walked right along with them and their giant elephant idol on wheels. Yikes. So we finally got to madame Maillot's house and talked to her and fixed an appointment and then made our way over to some other followups and we found ourselves engulfed once again by the tamoul's but this time it was at their temple and they drug is in to watch them do the walk of fire. Yes i recorded it. We kept trying to leave but one of the guys was like, "Attendez, on va couper un cabri." Cabri is goat in creole. I thought hmmm... This might be worth seeing so we stuck around for a bit longer but we had to get out of there, they were taking way too long. It was definitely something I never would have experienced if I had come here. I was really nervous the entire time. I was praying for Harrison ford to come swinging in to the temple with his whip and save us but he never did so we snuck out on our own. It rained pretty hard this week too. I go from being drenched in water to drenched in sweat because after it rains the humidity makes you feel like your in a sauna. I think I'm going to shrivel like a dry reed when I get back to Utah's dryness. Ok well I told you that I am terrible at typing sooooooo I'll start uploading some pics now and let them speak their thousand words before i get carpal tunnel. I love and miss you all! take care!


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