Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm 20 years old isn't that weird? I can't believe it. This last week was super crazy. On Wednesday we went up into the mountains to see some people that the old elders had left us and one of the guy's was named Yve Palama. He lived in a little metal shack and it was an oven. He is your typical kréole guy without teeth or a shirt just chillin 24-7. He cooked a ton of food and made us sit down and eat with him and it was pretty fun. After we were done eating he grabbed my hand and walked me over to the corner of his room and pointed up towards a wasp's nest on the ceiling. I asked if he wanted me to get it down and he said, "No! I'm gonna let it grow and next time you guys come up I'll cook it and we'll eat it with some rugaye." Yum ha ha not going back there. We went to Daniel's house next and he is practically a 40 year old playboy livin' the bachelor life with his nice house and pool. He let us in and he was just drilling us with questions and after about 30 minutes he stopped and we became friends. We wrote in a Book of Mormon and committed him to read. He called us the next day and told us that he was really touched by what we wrote and he had read a bunch of the Book of Mormon. Sick! Friday and Saturday we had zone conference with elder Renlund of the 70 and it was super cool. He was really motivating and he talk a ton about becoming a professional missionary. Zone conferences really boost your energy and help you get re motivated. Saturday night we sang at the adult meeting for stake conference and it was terrible. Our AP's came up with some arrangement for called to serve and it was awful ha ha. Sunday we had stake conference and Elder Renlund spoke again but in french and a wanted to die. It was thee longest hottest most boring 2 hours of my life. He just mumbled through a talk that had been translated from english to french. I got so bored I actually started whistling and Elder Cusick hit me and said c'mon man. Elder Renlund's wife spoke as well and she makes the same hand gestures as Chris Farley and I didn't notice until Elder Twitchell pointed it out and It was just a struggle to not laugh for the rest of her talk. So today our thermometer on the deck read 49 degrees Celsius which is 117 Fahrenheit. Last week I was sweating so bad that I soaked my backpack and my gospel art book inside got ruined. It's pretty nuts and it is going to get hotter in December and January. Marie-Claude from St. Marie is getting baptized this Saturday so I have been part of another person's conversion. Happy Day! It's so cool to see that we found someone, taught them, and now they are getting baptized. She will stay active too so I'm pumped for her. Well time to go, thanks for the letters and emails! Love Jeff

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