Monday, April 1, 2013

It was a great P-day. We played some football americaine and got some sun. I was wheelin' and dealin' at QB. The only problem was that no one could reel in the ball. Anyways, we'll start off with a tid bit from this morning. I got out of bed and started cleaning and then went back into our bedroom and Elder Steele said, "President just called and he wants us to go to the office and meet with him." I thought great there goes p day. Then he said April fools and we laughed and I picked up our phone and called President Adams and told him that we had an emergency. I said that as Elder Steele and I were coming home from our morning run a scooter hit some loose gravel and slid into Elder Steele and his leg was split open and bleeding pretty badly. He fell for it and started asking me where I was going to take him and what we were going to do. My courage ran out about there and I told him it was April Fool’s day. He laughed and said, "I'll remember this." Uhhhh... ha goood. Then I walked into Elder Robinson's room and told him to get his rear out of bed and start calling his zone because we were evacuating due to major rioting in downtown Tana. Elder Gaul had his shoes on before I could even get out of their room haha. I waited until Elder Robinson was about done telling his first district leader about the evacuation over the phone to tell them all it was a joke. Suckers :) We had some really cool things happen this week. Alicia has a bap date for April 20th. Her Dad loves what we teach but he can't leave his bed because he is so sick. Last week as we were leaving their house I felt like we should give him a blessing. The next time we went to teach them Elder Steele and I had forgotten about the prompting to give the blessing and as we were finishing the lesson Alicia's mom told us that she had a dream in which Elder Steele and I gave her husband a blessing. It was an awesome blessing. He was told that he still had work to do here on earth and for that he would be healed and able to lead his family as they joined the church. We taught Lanto on Saturday for the first time in a while because he had been out of town working. He has almost finished 2nd Nephi and it had been 4 days since he had last smoked cigarettes. We have been praying very intently for him and he is starting to make progress. We taught Helen twice this week and Bruno and her can finally get married this Saturday! So... we have a possibility of 4 baptisms the Saturday before I leave. Either way, they are all going to make it and I'm so happy. We had been in a bit of a rough patch as far as people progressing throughout March, but we're moving again. I interviewed a young lady for baptism last Sunday and she invited us to her baptism on Saturday. It was great to hear her testimony after the baptism. In the interview she told me all about her plans to go to the temple. The work is going so well here. People are being retained and we are seeing real growth. Our ward council meetings have gone from activity planning and verbal battles to a detailed discussion about investigators, less actives, recent converts, and potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders. I'm so grateful to have been able to be a part of all this and to have been able to seen the change that has taken place. Well, have a great week everyone. Make sure to so whatever the Lord needs you to do in each of your personal circumstances this week. You are all where you are for a specific reason. So don't be lazy chumps. Loves :)

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