Monday, April 8, 2013

Well my friends 'twas a gooood week.  We had some funny happeninsss. First I'll tell you about sweet little ol' Elder Gaul's fahalavoana. We eat at this little pink & green restaurant everyday for lunch and on Saturday we were enjoying some juice before our food came. Out of nowhere the legs of Elder Gaul's chair bent in half and he dropped haha. On his way down he smacked the table and catapulted Elder Robinson's juice into his lap. Elder Gaul was Elder Steele's right guard in high school and is a man and a half. He looked up at me after he had fallen and said, "Are you kiddin me?" I had tears in my eyes for the next hour from laughing. The chairs were garbage. Funny happenin faha roa... We had just taught a lesson late Friday night and we were walking the member that helped us home. As we came around a corner we saw a man stumble out of a bar to the ledge of a canal and start to relieve himself into it. Then his knees buckled and he dropped onto the ledge while urinating all over himself and then fell face first off of the 4 foot high ledge into the canal of sewage. I don't know how his neck didn't break. He was too drunk to put his hands out and so he literally landed on his face. After we had dropped the member off at home we walked back past the man still in the water (he wasn't drowning) and saw his buddy who was also plastered drunk "going" into the canal right onto his friend. Classic. Luckily they won't remember any of it. Sorry if that was a bit gross. We had some good experiences teaching. Lanto is working to get off cigarettes and he is so happy to learn. I asked him a question during our lesson and he answered perfectly and I said, "Yes! Exactly!" He started to smile and then turned to his daughter, raised an eyebrow, and then shrugged his shoulders like, "Yeah.. I know what I'm talking about." haha I love seeing him get excited about the gospel. His and my favorite part of each lesson is him explaining what he has read in the Book of Mormon. He gets all sorts of pumped up and his voice raises a bit haha. We are still trying everything we can to get Alicia's family more involved in the lessons and get them to actually investigate. We took a lady from the relief society with us to our last lesson with them and Alicia's mom and the member clicked so well. Alicia is a STUD. We have taught her every lesson once and she can explain everything we have taught her. Her father is the one that we gave the blessing to not too long ago. We had that awesome experience where Alicia's mom had the dream about us giving the blessing to her husband and when we gave the blessing he was told that he would be healed. All he has to do is read the Book of Mormon. He still hasn't done it. We told them again that all he has to do is read the Book of Mormon and he will get better. So many times the spirit has moved my companions and I to promise people blessings like that and for some reason people just won’t do their part. That is definitely something that I'm thankful to have developed throughout my mission, that is, to have faith enough to follow the impressions of the spirit and believe that if the person will do their part then a miracle will come to pass in their life. Some people have done their part and the promises have been fulfilled. Its nuts how it just works. Today we played soccer against the elder’s quorum of the Tana 1st ward and beat them 6 to 4. Chumps. Life is good. I love you all, have a good week!

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