Monday, November 5, 2012



Another week has blown by. So not a ton of interesting things happened this week. On Friday we had a Zone Leader council which means another fat meal provided by Sister Adams. Delicious :) We talked about how we could make Christmas more meaningful this year and we will be doing some pretty awesome service activities and really looking to bless people's lives. The spirit was very strong throughout the entire meeting and everyone is pumped for Christmas. So earlier during the week a lot of our time was spent in meetings with president and preparing the Z.L. council. Some really great news is that Tree and I continue to get YACKED out of our minds every morning at the gym. We have been going 100 MPH all day everyday and by 8 at night during our last lesson whoever is not talking is asleep or dosing off. Elder Tregeagle has literally fallen asleep during every single one of my prayers during daily planning haha. Yesterday at church we finally got a ward mission leader! He was a missionary here about 6 months ago and he is a stud. We had a meeting after church and he gathered up about 10 guys and assigned them all days to work with us. There are 2 companionships in our area as of last transfer. The ward has always struggled but it doesn't seem like that will be the case for long. The other 2 elders working here with us are studs and way fun to live with. Anjanahary is going to blow up, mark my words. I translated for our buddy Jewls again during elders quorum and once I get warmed up  I do pretty well. The only problem is that I have no idea what the teacher is saying in Malagasy so I teach my own lesson on whatever the topic is haha. Jewls loves it and smacks his fist into his hand which means "marina izany" which literally means "true that" haha. Halloween was cool. Not. We celebrated by eating a couple pieces of candy corn before we went to bed. We have doing a lot of tracting in a very wealthy area near the church and we gut SHUT DOWN. Most of them are actually French or German or Indian and don't speak Malagasy so the French has been coming in handy. We have gotten into a couple of huge houses and we have some appointments set up. It takes me back to Reunion. Speaking of which, a family Chong-Mook and I taught is finally getting baptized! The parents are getting married and then they'll be set for baptism. Super sick family that would feed us theee most deeelicious food. So that's just wonderful :) That's it for me. Have a good week everyone.


Elder Barclay   


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