Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey everyone,

Good week. We were able to teach over 20 lessons again due to few meetings which was nice :) We have three complete families that are making progress and the non-member father of a family has quit smoking and drinking coffee and has a bap date for December 29th. The work is going well! Elder Abney baptized Aubin on Saturday from my last area and we were able to stop by and see the baptism before we drove out to the airport. Now their family is set for eternity. He'll be a Melchizedek priesthood holder in a year, which is nice. The summer season has begun and the rain has come along with it. It pours haha. Yesterday was pretty bad but luckily everyone we stopped by was home and let us in. On Sunday we also had stake conference and I got to see all the people from Ankadindramamy and Betongolo. The people from Ankadindramamy were blown away because I could actually talk to them. It was a real confidence boost. During the two hours of brain melting stake conference talks in Malagasy I didn't really pay attention but rather made funny faces at all the little kids around us. I had about 20 little girlfriends by the time it was over haha. I hope president doesn't read this stuff. So it is shmelting hot every morning and then a monsoon comes and floods the land in the evening. Either way I'm uncomfortable all day everyday ha. Saturday afternoon we were leaving an appointment and had to drive up a pretty steep hill. On the way up the hill the car started to struggle and ending up dying so we started to roll back down the hill. The road was pretty narrow and well,we backed right into a wall. Tree was driving :) He's been upset about it all weekend and probably is going to be mad when he finds out that I'm telling you all this. There is literally nothing else exciting that is going on so I had to spice up this email with that story. I think he'll understand. He was so mad I didn't even crack any jokes. So life is good and In our transfer meeting this morning we had to take into account that my group would be going home in May sooo that was weird and not fun. But it happens. Well friends, I'll talk to y'all later. Have a fantastic week and think about me whenever you take a nap because I'm sleepy all the time. Mhmm, ok, gros bisous, je vous aime! Oh wait, I turned 21 on Thursday! Thanks for all the emails and pictures, the children are just precious. All the computers in this cyber crashed and then miraculously turned back on and I didn't lose what I had written because we gathered everyone together in the building and we knelt and prayed. Not haha sorry So that oughta do it!

Elder Barclay

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