Monday, November 12, 2012

What a week! It felt like it was about one day long. President Adams was in South Africa all week so Tree and I were full time missionaries again! We taught 29 lessons. We did WORK. A lot of the people are really solid too. Joseph is an older guy probably in his late 40's and is a math teacher. We taught him for the first time on Thursday. He was really quiet and would sit and reflect for about 2 minutes after every question we asked him. Then he would give us a 2 minute long answer which would go right over my head because he was using some fancy vocabulary. Luckily Tree got it all ha. The lesson was way long but way good. We didn't have a Book of Mormon on us so he walked with us back to our car to get one and when we handed it to him he looked at it and said thanks. Then he walked away slowly looking at the book. It was a cool thing to see. It is a powerful experience when you give someone a Book of Mormon that is going to really read it . You can almost see into their future and picture them learning, getting baptized, and being an active member. We have been teaching a other young guy named Zoo. He is our age and works as a guardian for the house right next to our apartment. The thing that is cool about teaching him is that he is young and has that open minded ready to experiment attitude and so he is really interested in everything we say and he asks questions so he can really understand. It was the same experience giving him a Book of Mormon as it was with Joseph. Their lives could change so much. I'll tell you about one other family and then talk about funny stuff. We contacted a man named Etienne on the street one day and set up a time with him for Friday. When we went to his house we met his wife and kids and their little family was awesome. They have 3 little boys. John Kevin, John Kennedy, and Narovana haha. The oldest boy looks younger than his little brother because he has had some sickness from the time he was born and he was just hiding behind his mom the entire lesson. They were so humble, but also very strong and had no sense of "our life is hard". We didn't teach them much but just told them about what we do and what our purpose is and then shared a spiritual thought with them. I wanted to hug the kids so bad! This entire week was just one sobering experience after another. So the work is going great. As for other news... My stomach has been very upset with me. I don't know what I ate but my goodness... I have some funny stories about that haha. Last night was weird as well. I was cooking up some food and went to scratch the flea bites a little and when I pulled my shirt up I had huge hives all over me. I had one the size of a pancake on my right thigh and they were yellow/orange. It was way freaky haha they spread way quick and were everywhere. It wasn't too bad though, I just took some Benadryl and went to bed. This morning I only had 5 or 6 on my stomach and sides. I don't know what the heck it was but it was weird. We've had a Malagasy elder with us the last couple of days and while we were out working we found a ton of huge spiders and Malagasies aren't scared of them at all so he just went up and grabbed one off it's web and was playing with it. He acted like he was going to throw it at me and I said, "Don't." haha. Man those things are freaky! I'm going to muster up the courage one day to play with one and I'll take pictures of it on my face or something haha you guys will love it. Well have a great week :)

Love Jeffrey   


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