Monday, October 15, 2012

Kossa i dit?

Nana bon solei! It was a busy week with hospital visits and such. Elder Quigley from Pocatello had a giant cyst on his face and I got to see that get popped and drained. Yucky... Also Eder Tahiata from Tahiti got really sick. He drinks the pump water (unfiltered) and it finally caught up to him haha. We were still able to teach a good amount of lessons and the people we teach are so solid it's amazing. We taught 11 father led families and fixed a couple more bap dates. We have been setting the bap dates pretty far into the future so we can figure out if people are going to stick it out. So far so good! I said goodbye to Aubin on Sunday because tomorrow I get transferred. Anjanahary is the name of my new area and Elder Tregeagle is my new comp. On Thursday I got to drive my good buddy Elder Seifert to the airport because he got transferred to Réunion. He'll be comps with my boy Elder Fennell! haha I hope he likes Réunion... It kind of has to grow on you. On Thursday morning there was a Zone Leader council and boy oh boy was it awesome! We made some rule changes to tighten up the conduct and people were TRIPPIN' haha. We now have to wear shirt and tie on p-day instead of jeans and t shirts. President Adams also addressed apartment conduct and language. He said, and I quote, "If you are talking about a young woman inappropriately or using crude language and behaving like a teenage boy when you get home at night, then you are living a lie and pretending to be a missionary." YES! Haha I love it when disobedient fools get slapped in the face like that. President Adams laid down the law. Then he proceeded to rip us up with scriptures from the Book of Mormon about being diligent. I enjoyed the council thoroughly but others were not as pleased with it as I was haha. I don't know if I have ever told you guys about how this mission used to be, in Malagasy we use the word "maditra" which is like a mixture of naughty and disobedient. But that will no longer be the case! Pres Adams is making changes and people are repenting. Most of the older missionaries have already gone home. Now with the new generation we are picking the most obedient/diligent missionaries to be the trainers even if they aren't the best teachers or the best at the language. Things are great. The last six months has gone by fast and we're hitting the home stretch. I figure I have Anjanahary and then one more area after that, but one never knows. Today we parked our car and went to get some pictures printed and when we came back there was a boot on one of the front tires. So we went and found the punk cops that did it and made them take it off because we are missionaries and not creepy French guys trying to find girlfriends. I was kind of mean about it and told them not to make a mistake like that again. I felt bad so I got some restoration pamphlets and we taught them a bit and then left. I wrote a fake phone number on the back of the pamphlets for fear that they would call us and make us pay for the parking violation. Who am I kidding, not one single person has ever called me after I gave them my phone number. Elder Abney just turned to me and told me how crazy he thinks it is that he has been out for 8 months haha just you wait my friend. Well I gotta go. I love you all. Have a great week.

Love Elder Barclay     

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