Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey there,

Great week with some super awesome experiences. The first was at a member’s house. His name is Jewls and he is deaf. Elder Tregeagle has learned a bunch of Malagasy sign language and that's how we communicate with him. I'm learning it now as well. There actually is no official sign language for Malagasy, but Jewls has created his own language and is teaching all the other deaf people the language. It's called Teny Jewls (teny=language/word). He is one of the most diligent members of the church I have ever met and he knows the gospel better than most people. During our appointment with him he taught us a spiritual thought out of 3rd Nephi and the spirit was strong. I was so humbled by the experience. When we walked into his house he saw us and smiled then ran over to us and hugged us both. He won't shake our hands, only hugs. He had a deaf friend at his house when we stopped by and he did some awesome missionary work on him and it was crazy to see. Next month I get to translate his testimony from Teny Jewls into Malagasy during fast and testimony meeting, wish me luck! This morning when we took all our garbage and stuff out to the dumpster the people living behind it jumped into the dumpster and waited for us to throw our bags in so they could go through it. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever throwing anything away because I literally am giving it to those people. The new apartment is now clean and a great place to live haha. We both worked way hard this week cleaning it up. My bathroom could be in the parade of homes magazine. We saw conference this weekend and it was great. That's all I can say about it ha. It was really good. On Sunday morning all three wards that meet in our building and watched it together and the chapel was overflowing! We were running around setting up chairs in the aisles and cramming people in ha. It was so awesome to see the members and investigators from my old area again. It literally has been one week and I already miss them like crazy. It's always nice when they are excited to see you as well ha. They always make you feel bad when they say, "Why don't you come teach us anymore?" It doesn't matter how many times you explain what a transfer is, they still ask why you don't go see them. Man I love them all! Our area had a baptism last Saturday and i got to translate for President Adams and boy was that rough haha my face was all sorts of sweaty. I don't know what the speakers talked about, but I gave some pretty good discourses on Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost haha. Well Have a good week friends. That's all for me this week.

Love Jeffrey 

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