Monday, June 25, 2012

Whats up homies, lovers, and friends.

This week was puuuurty nuts. I had my first transfer rodeo. We had to get everyone to where they were going and it is not a simple task. The biggest problem we have is that no one does what you tell them to do haha. Everyone always has a better idea so they just go with that and disregard the times and places we tell them to make the move. It's ok though we handled it and everyone got where they needed to go, I just had to drive around in Madafreakingascar in the middle of the night finding kids at bus stations and other places. I absolutely demolished a cat, a rat, and some guys left elbow as we raced through the city trying to get around. I'm surprised our right mirror stayed on the car. I was doing a solid 30 MPH when I clipped the guy haha. I feel bad for the missionaries that we put in an 18 seater little mexi bus with 50 other malagasies for an 11 hour ride to get them to their new area. If I ever have to do that I'm going to rent an entire van for myself, because I can :) Seifert is gonzo up to Tamatave and now me and Elder Bates from the frozen tundra of Canada are partners in crime. I've been lucky to have such fun comps. Seifert was a stud and Bates is a big burly country boy that likes to work hard and "GIT ER' DUN!" We have some good times. One funny story to tell real quick happened just last night as we were weaving our way through this little alley. As we turned a tight corner there were some little kids lighting firecrackers and there happened to be one right at our feet about to blow. I swear it was all slow motion. My first thought as I saw the millimeter long fuse burning was, "This is going to blow up." That changed my emotional status to scared. Then as it was popping I thought, "You little punks! I'm gonna kill you!" Luckily for the kids Elder Bates' reaction 0.3 seconds later made me think, "hahahaha," as all 6'3" and 240 pounds of him jumped and then yelled, "FREAK KID!" Maybe you had to be there, but I was dying laughing. The range of emotions and thoughts that I went through in literally 0.9 seconds was phenomenal. We had some awesome lessons this last week. Jean-Louis should be getting baptized this Saturday if he passes his interview, then next week Ivan will be baptized AND the next couple of weeks after that we have some younger kids being baptized AND then hopefully by that time our other investigators will be ready. It's going to take some strict obedience and faithful service, but I know if we lay it all out there we will really see some miracles. As fort he language, I actually am making some comments in the conversations around me and I am teaching a lot more. Bates is really helping me. President Donnelly is leaving this Saturday right after President Adams gets here. We have been having last meetings and conferences to prep for the change and I get all emotional thinking about President and Sister Donnelly leaving. Elder Bates wrote a song for them called Legacy of Light and he was asked to sing it at a party for him on Saturday. I almost lost it ha I'm such a girl! I've been soooo lucky to have worked closely with them and I 'm even luckier to be able to do the same with President and Sister Adams when they get here. Life is good. Time is flying by. I don't even feel like writing anymore because I'll be home so soon. I'm scared to leave because this is my life now, i don't know how to do anything else. This all sounds a bit ridiculous seeing as how i have 10 more months here, but weeks feel like days. Well I gotta go! We're hitting up the fosy park today! Love y'all!

Elder Barclay  

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