Monday, June 18, 2012

Inan voa voa vahazahas,

This week was NUTS! Lets start with the folks we teach. We got a guy named Dimby who is a young father with a wife and two kids that President Donnelly talked to one day after his morning run. We have taught him twice and he has come to church three times and on Tuesday we fixed a bap date with him. President Donnelly is going to baptize him the morning that President Adams arrives. Sick!  We teach a brother sister combo (Isabelle and Ivan) who are both in their 20's. Isabelle is the waitress from the restaurant that I told you about earlier. We fixed bap dates with them for next month as well and Ivan has been coming to church and he came to our baptism today. He's solid but Isabelle is taking some time. We fixed another bap date with a lady named Modestine who we have been teaching for a while but haven't been able to meet with consistently. She is golden and wrote out her testimony and gave it to us. We found two new families this week as well who are looking very promising. One is a father led family and they know the bible but are amazed by our lessons and the other might just be a mom with 3 kids. We got a suuuuper sick referral from a girl Seifert baptized a while back. We had a soiree (dinner lesson) with her and her family of 7. It was super solid and they loved us. The food was pretty good too. Except for the ravitoto, we call it ravipoopoo. It's just mashed up grass. Literally mow the lawn and then take the clippings and smash it until it looks like horse poop and eat it on rice. The Malagasies go nuts for it. The member girl that gave us the referral is sooo cool and she plays for a traveling basketball team. We had her come to the church today and play on our team with all the other punks we play with. WE DESTROYED EVERYONE. She plays lock down defense! Hahaha I was dying because all these guys were getting so mad because no one could touch us. They were all super mad when we said that we invited her and then we punked all of them. Our baptism today was an 18 year old guy name Hajasoa (hodzasooa) and it went well. he's a cool kid, kinda awkward but super nice. We had quite a bit of hospital runs this week. Elder Abney came up from Ambositra because he is having brain problems that are causing him to go blind in his left eye. He got jumped by some Polynesian Dixie State football players while he was in college and he is still suffering from it. He's super chill though. We also had to take Elder Fryer in to the emergency room because he has a severe lung infection and he's not doin well. While we were sitting in the emergency room we saw and heard some... stuff. Madagascar hospitals aren't happy places. One guy had the left side of his face ripped off and blood all over him. He came rollin in on a wheelchair and they nurse stopped next to us and told him to get up and sit on the bench next to us and wait. Ha... what? The dude was dying but he was still in shock so he was down with whatever they told him to do. There was a girl bleeding out of her head and she was just screaming the entire time. This all sounds like a pretty normal emergency room experience but I guess you would have to see the place to understand how nasty and creepy it is. They have old water bottles full of used bloody needles and syringes just chuck full and chillin everywhere. The place looks like the haunted houses you go to in America around Halloween time. Sanitation is for morons. The best part is that the Dr. is ALWAYS smoking a cigarette as he works on you. We're like, "Haha... What? Word...?" Seifert actually went outside and threw up twice while we were there. It was a result of food poisoning, not the nasty hospital. So yeah I'm going to avoid going there for myself. Yeah that's about it for this week. The language is coming. I catch full phrases now and I can actually respond to people if they happen to say something I know haha. Really though it's coming... kinda... I hope everyone has a fantastic week and happy fathers day to all you pimp daddies all over the world! I love y'all take it easy.

Jeffrey Charles

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