Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well howdy,

Super nuts week (and a half). Soooo we'll start off with Antsa's baptism. I got to do it and I got it on the first try (thats a rare thing when someone’s name is Rajafindrala Antsa Idealy). The water was ice cold and she was squirming like crazy haha she's the cutest! As for news with Hery and his family, they are still golden as ever. To start our lesson off I asked, "What's new?" Hery was like, "I'll tell you what's new, I went to your church and I've been reading the Book of Mormon and my family and I will be getting baptized on the 18th." Yep sure ya are :) haha He told us all about the overwhelming emotions and feelings that came to him when he was reading and he knows everything is true. Hooray for Israel. Some bad news is that our other family (Jimmy and Angeline) is moving out of our area :( They are still solid and our last lesson was pretty eventful haha. I'm not very good at Malagasy but I try my hardest to teach and I was teaching about agency and the fall of Adam and Eve when Angeline started breast feeding. I see that kind of thing every day and it has never even phased me but this time I couldn't handle the situation. Angeline is kind of an odd shaped woman; we'll leave it at that. So when she started my brain stopped working and I wasn't making any sense at all and just kept speaking absolute gibberish. This story is only funny if you speak Malagasy but I was mixing words up like "car" and "authority" and everyone was looking at me like I was an idiot, because... I am.
Luckily nothing bad came out of my mouth. We also had transfers this last week. Woohoo. It was kind of nuts because a lot of people moved around and I had to organize it all. We have a giant van/bus that I was driving around all day picking up and dropping off people at bus stations and apartments and the office. It was a bit of a rodeo but we got it all done and it went rather smooth if i don't say so myself :) The van has some GITTY UP! By far the fastest and most powerful car in the fleet ha. We had a zone leader council on Tuesday all morning and it was a real boost. We talked about real growth in the church and instituted some new things we are going to be doing with our investigators before they get baptized so we can up the retention here. It was a really powerful meeting and President Adams taught us some leadership stuff. He talked a lot about how hypocrisy destroys your credibility as a leader and that if you are practicing what you are preaching then the spirit and power of the priesthood will impress upon those you are leading and they will follow you. It was really cool because as he taught us the concept, it happened. The spirit confirmed what he was teaching us and the power of the priesthood was manifested in the meeting. There wasn't a chance that anyone in that room wasn't on board to do whatever he was asking us to do because it was such a powerful meeting. That's about it for this week. Mom I got the package and you put everybody else's mom's to shame because mine was so big. You're the greatest! I love you all, have a sweet week!

Elder Barclay

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